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Closed and Special Regulation Areas

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Unity Utilities District: It is unlawful to hunt on the Unity Utilities District Property located on Route #139 and Prairie Road in Unity, Waldo County.

Gray Squirrels: It is unlawful to hunt gray squirrels on any land which is dedicated as a public or private park or on any land located within the limits of the compact or built-up portion of any city or town.

Haley Pond: It is unlawful to hunt waterfowl on Haley Pond in the town of Rangeley and Dallas Plantation, Franklin County.

Wildlife Sanctuaries and certain Wildlife Management Areas: Unless otherwise specifically provided, it is unlawful to hunt or trap any wild animal or wild bird within the limits of any wildlife sanctuary, any area properly posted by the State of Maine, or within the following described territories:

  • Back Bay Sanctuary, Portland
  • Baxter State Park closed to all hunting except: The area north of Trout Brook in T6R9; in T6R10 or T2R9 and T2R10 where hunting is allowed.
  • Beauchamp Sanctuary (See information on bow and arrow hunting)
  • Cape Elizabeth Sanctuary*
  • Carver’s Pond Waterfowl Sanctuary
  • Colby College Area, Waterville
  • Drake’s Island Game Sanctuary
  • Dry Pond Sanctuary (Crystal Lake)
  • Fairfield Sanctuary*
  • Glencove Sanctuary
  • Gray Game Sanctuary
  • Hog Island Game Sanctuary
  • Jefferson & Whitefield Sanctuary
  • Kineo Point Sanctuary
  • Limington, Hollis, Waterboro Sanctuary
  • Lowell E. Barnes Area, Oxford County
  • Marsh Island Area,* Old Town: Open to the taking of deer during any open season that allows hunting of deer with bow and arrow, including expanded archery.
  • Megunticook Lake and Vicinity Sanctuary
  • Merrymeeting Bay Game Sanctuary
  • Monroe Island Game Sanctuary
  • Moosehead Lake Game Sanctuary
  • Moosehorn Game Sanctuary
  • Narragansett Game Sanctuary*
  • Oak Grove Area, Vassalboro
  • Ocean Park Game & Bird Sanctuary
  • Orrington Game Sanctuary
  • Pittston Farm Sanctuary
  • Prout’s Neck, Richmond’s Island;
  • Rangeley Game Sanctuary
  • Rangeley Lake Sanctuary
  • Rangeley Plantation Sanctuary
  • Readfield and Winthrop Sanctuary
  • Salmon Pond Sanctuary
  • Sebago Lake Basin Area, Standish, Windham
  • Somerset Game Sanctuary
  • Standish Sanctuary
  • Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary, Ellsworth
  • Steve Powell WMA (Swan Island), Richmond
  • Thorncrag-Stanton Bird Sanctuary
  • Tomhegan Game Sanctuary
  • Wells Sanctuary
  • Wells & York Game Sanctuary
  • Willow Water Game Sanctuary
  • Woodbury Sanctuary, Litchfield, Monmouth
  • York Game Sanctuary, Franklin County

* Trapping allowed in accordance with the general laws of the State.

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