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Message from the Governor

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With its vast wilderness and thousands of miles of trails, Maine is a destination for both snowmobile riders and all-terrain vehicle riders like yourself who enjoy our great outdoors and wide-open spaces. Thanks for choosing Maine and for registering your snowmobile and/or your ATV here.

Your registrations provide funding to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Bureau of Parks and Lands to maintain trails and provide law enforcement to assure your ride is enjoyable and safe.

Landowners also play a vital role in our state’s trail system. Without their generous consent to open up their land to the sport, there would be disconnects in the system. We are grateful for their willingness to partner with the State – it is this partnership that provides for some of the best snowmobile riding in the United States. We urge you to be respectful of both the public and private property you’re riding on. Follow the rules, and thank landowners for being such strong supporters of the sport.

Thanks for being a responsible rider, and thanks for keeping Maine’s trails safe for all levels of riders!

Paul R. LePage

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