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Message from the Commissioner


The most important part of the hunt—any hunt—is the preparation that goes into it. In the months leading up to it we spend hours of time on gearing up for the hunt, and time with friends and family mapping out where and when we’re going and just what we’re going to do.

Part of that time involves reading thismaking sure you know the rules and regulations of what you’re hunting, and where you’re going. For that I want to thank you. Even if you’re an experienced hunter or trapper, by brushing up on the rules and regs you’re keeping alive the traditions that make hunting in Maine such a unique experience. The dedicated staff of Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has worked hard to make sure you have a hunt that is unforgettable.

So thanks from all of us for purchasing a hunting or trapping license. By doing so you’ve not only insured yourself of having the opportunity to take a trophy deer or a wild turkey or a monster moose or a black bear—you’ve also guaranteed that same experience for future generations. Have a great time and be safe out there!

Chandler E. Woodcock
MDIF&W Commissioner

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