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Outdoor Safety Courses

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Do you need to take an outdoor safety course to obtain your license for firearms, archery, crossbow, or trapping?

Maine law requires completion to obtain your adult license unless you have previously done so or have held an adult license.

These courses are made available in your area by volunteer instructors certified by the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. Pre-registration is requested and/or required. Courses will include 6 to 12 hours of instruction dependent on the subject. Sponsors include school districts, sports clubs, civic groups, and others. Courses will be scheduled based on instructor availability.

For information on becoming a Volunteer Instructor, contact your local Regional Safety Coordinator or the Recreational Safety Division Office at (207) 287-5220.

For course listings visit our web site at

Recreational Safety Division

  • Mailing Address: 284 State Street, Station 41, Augusta Maine 04333
  • Office Address: 8 Federal Street, Augusta Maine 04330
  • Michael Sawyer, Recreational Safety & Vehicle Coordinator (207) 287-5222, (207) 557-0553 (cell)
  • Brenda Chaplin, Secretary, (207) 287-5220



Perry Edwards

(207) 583-4322


Androscoggin (Assist)

Michael Feeney

(207) 446-8822 (cell)


Clinton Gaskill, Jr.

(207) 290-7144 (cell)



Northern Somerset

Craig Gerry

(207) 655-7681



Harland Hitchings

(207) 214-8914 (cell)



Vic MacCallum

(207) 975-4447 (cell)



Hancock (Assist)

Bruce Martin

(207) 284-4692


Cumberland (Assist)


N. Aroostook

Reginald Read

(207) 442-8421



Rick Rogers Jr.

(207) 639-5421



Richard Tidd

(207) 538-6638 (cell)


N. Penobscot


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