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ATV (definition): An All-Terrain Vehicle is an off-road vehicle (not legal for highway use) with factory specifications not to exceed the following: weight – 750 lbs; length – 85 inches; width – 48 inches. ATV tires are restricted to those no larger than 26 x 12 with a maximum 1-inch lug height and a maximum allowable tire pressure of 12 psi as indicated on the tire by the manufacturer. Use of all other ATVs or ATV tires are prohibited on a WMA.

UTV (definition): A Utility Type Vehicle (or Utility Terrain Vehicle) is any recreational motor vehicle other than an ATV, not legal for highway use, designed for and capable of travel over designated unpaved roads, traveling on four or more low-pressure tires and with factory specifications not to exceed the following: weight – 1900 lbs; length – 128 inches; width – 68 inches. UTV tires are restricted to those no larger than 27 x 12 with a maximum 1-inch lug height and a maximum allowable tire pressure of 12 psi. UTVs are commonly referred to as “side-by-sides” and may include golf carts.

Personal Water Craft (definition): A vessel which uses an inboard motor powering a water jet pump as its primary source of propulsion and is designed to be operated by a person sitting, standing or kneeling on the vessel rather than in the conventional manner of sitting or standing inside the vessel.

ATV and ATV/UTV Trails Signage and Marking

All trails will be marked with signage and the following:

  • Entrances to ATV trails will be marked with peach colored paint.
  • Entrances to ATV/UTV trails will be marked with orange colored paint.
  • Entrances to Physically Challenged Only trails will be marked with blue colored paint.
  • Entrances to ATV trails that are open year-round will be marked with purple paint.
  • The end of all trails will be marked with red paint.

    The following are prohibited on WMAs

  • Vehicles having wheels with a wheel-tire combination radius of 17 inches or more (measured from the center of the hub and horizontal to ground).
  • The testing, racing, speeding or unusual maneuvering of any type of vehicle.
  • Tractor or implement tires with farm tread designs R1, R2 and R4 known commonly as spade or lug grip types.
  • Use of airboats, aircraft, personal water craft, “mud crawling vessels” (commonly referred to as crawfish combines which use paddle wheels for locomotion) and hover craft, EXCEPT type A personal water craft, model year 2003 and beyond, which are eight feet in length and greater, may be operated within WMAs from April 1 until the Monday of Labor Day weekend, from sunrise to sunset only, and EXCEPT personal water craft are allowed on designated portions of Alexander State Forest WMA year-around. No person shall operate such watercraft at a speed greater than “slow/no wake” within 100 feet of an anchored or moored vessel, shoreline, dock, pier, persons engaged in angling or any other manually powered vessel.
  • Driving or parking vehicles on food or cover plots and strips.
  • Blocking the entrance to roads and trails.
  • Operation of licensed motorized vehicles (LMVs) legal for highway use, including motorcycles, off of designated roads as indicated on WMA maps.
  • Operation of ATVs or UTVs off of designated, marked ATV or ATV/UTV trails, EXCEPT that those UTVs in which the manufacturer’s specifications do not exceed the weight, length, width, and tire restrictions for ATVs are allowed on ATV trails, and EXCEPT when WMA roads are closed to LMVs. ATVs and/or UTVs may then be operated on those roads when allowed. NOTE: Only ATV and UTV trails marked with signs and/or paint, AND depicted on WMA maps are open for use.
  • Leaving of ATVs and motorcycles overnight on WMAs, EXCEPT on designated camping areas.
  • Use of ATVs/UTVs from two hours after sunset to 4 a.m., EXCEPT raccoon hunters may use ATVs during nighttime raccoon take seasons only.
  • Use of ATVs/UTVs from March 1 – Aug. 31 EXCEPT squirrel hunters are allowed to use ATV trails during the spring squirrel season on certain WMAs, and EXCEPT certain trails may be open during this time period to provide access for fishing or other purposes, and EXCEPT allowed on Year-Round ATV/UTV Trails.
  • Operation of internal combustion engines within designated Limited Access Areas (LAAs) during the months of September through January. Trolling motors may be used to access and navigate within LAAs.

    Physically Challenged ATV and ATV/UTV Trails

    Use of special ATV trails for physically challenged persons is restricted to ATV physically challenged permittees. Physically challenged ATV permittees are restricted to physically challenged ATV trails or other ATV trails only as indicated on WMA maps or as marked by sign and or paint. Persons 60 years of age or older, with proof of age, are also allowed to use physically challenged trails and need not obtain a permit. However, these persons must abide by all rules in place for these trails. Physically challenged persons under the age of 60 must apply for and obtain a Physically Challenged Hunter Program Permit from LDWF.

    Retrieval of Game with ATVs

  • Hunters are allowed to retrieve their own downed deer and hogs with the aid of an ATV, EXCEPT on Atchafalaya Delta, Biloxi, Lake Boeuf, Pass-a-Loutre, Pointe-aux-Chenes, Salvador/Timken, Sherburne, and Thistlethwaite WMAs, and the Crusel Tract of Maurepas Swamp WMA, under the following conditions:
  1. No firearms or archery equipment is in possession of the retrieval party or on the ATV.
  2. The retrieval party may consist of no more than one ATV and one helper.
  3. ATVs may not be used to locate or search for wounded game or for any other purpose than retrieval of deer and hogs once they have been legally harvested and located.
    • UTVs may not be used to retrieve downed deer or hogs.NOTE: A maximum 20 mph speed limit is recommended for all land vehicles using WMA roads, unless specific signage otherwise allows or restricts.