Major Changes for Hunting Regulations

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Major Changes for 2017-2018 Hunting Regulations

  1. Change in deer seasons in Deer Areas 4 and 10, eliminating bucks-only days, and changing the entire season to either-sex harvest, and also changing season limits in these areas from a limit of 6 to a limit of 3.
  2. Deer Area 5 – Modification to water level benchmark closure language to facilitate reopening the season at a lower level than the closure level.
  3. Deer Area 7 – Change in deer seasons, eliminating bucks-only days, and changing the entire season to either-sex harvest.
  4. Modification of opening day of statewide turkey season from the fourth Saturday of March to the first Saturday of April.
  5. Change in reporting time period for the validation of deer and turkey tags, from seven days to 72 hours following harvest of deer or turkey.
  6. Implementation of shot restrictions for dove hunters on WMAs, restricting shot to non-toxic shot, size 6 and smaller .
  7. Addition of available days of opportunity within the Small Game Emphasis Areas on Richard K. Yancey and Sherburne WMAs.
  8. Addition of Youth Squirrel season on Grassy Lake and Pomme de Terre WMAs.
  9. Modification of Teal Season to change from the last three weekends in September to the last 16 days of September.
  10. Change in daily bag limit for Pintail from two to one.
  11. Change in youth age requirements for youth waterfowl seasons, from 15 years of age and younger, to 17 years of age and younger.
  12. Elimination of Experimental Quality Deer Seasons on WMAs.
  13. Adjustments to deer seasons on Bayou Macon, Bodcau, Boeuf and Dewey W. Wills WMAs.
  14. Addition of opportunity for youth squirrel hunting and addition of youth deer hunting days on Kisatchie National Forest.


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