Major Changes for 2019

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Major Changes for 2019-2020 Hunting Regulations

  1. Banning the use of natural deer urine, unless produced under Archery Trade Association Deer Protection Program standards and certified to be tested and “CWD Not Detected.”
  2. Inclusion of Louisiana lands east of the Mississippi River in East Carroll, Madison and Tensas parishes in the cervid carcass ban.
  3. Prohibiting the public operation of water control structures on WMAs.
  4. Requirement that all WMA users must utilize a WMA Self Clearing Permit for all activities.
  5. Removal of the 72 hour Self Clearing Permit checkout for camping on WMA.
  6. Removal of turkey seasons on Attakapas Island and Dewey Wills WMAs.
  7. Removal of mandatory deer check requirement for Sunday following Thanksgiving managed deer hunts on Ft. Polk and Peason Ridge WMAs.
  8. Prohibition of all nighttime activities on Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA.
  9. Prohibition of commercial fishing in Wonder Lake on Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA.
  10. Reduction from 16 to nine days for Richard K. Yancey WMA turkey season.
  11. Reduction from five to three days for Sherburne WMA turkey season.
  12. Prohibition on the use of motorized turkey decoys.
  13. Moving of all of Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge parishes and parts of Avoyelles, Iberville, St. Landry and upper St. Martin parishes from Turkey Area A to Turkey Area C.