Hunting Regulations Icon Louisiana Hunting

  • Firearms having live ammunition in the chamber, magazine, cylinder or clip when attached to firearms or crossbows cocked and in the ready position are not allowed in or on vehicles, boats under power, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, ATCs or in camping areas on WMAs.
  • Firearms may not be carried on any area before or after permitted hours EXCEPT in authorized camping areas or as otherwise specified and EXCEPT as may be permitted for authorized trappers (see Quadrupeds & Resident Birds Seasons & Regulations).
  • Firearms and bows and arrows are not allowed on WMAs during closed seasons EXCEPT on designated shooting ranges or as permitted for trapping, and EXCEPT as allowed pursuant to R.S. 56:109.C and R.S. 56:1691. Bows and broadhead arrows are not allowed on WMAs EXCEPT during deer archery season, turkey season or as permitted for bowfishing. Active and retired law enforcement officers in compliance with POST requirements, Federal Law Enforcement Officers and holders of Louisiana concealed handgun permits or permit holders from a reciprocal state, who are in compliance with all other state and federal firearms regulations, may possess firearms on WMAs, provided these firearms are not used for any hunting purpose.
  • Encased or broken down firearms and any game harvested may be transported through the areas by the most direct route provided that no other route exists EXCEPT as specified under WMA listing.
  • Loaded firearms are not allowed near WMA check stations.
  • The following cannot be carried onto any WMA EXCEPT during modern and primitive firearm deer seasons and during special shotgun season for feral hogs on Atchafalaya Delta, Pass-a-Loutre, Pointe-aux-Chenes and Salvador WMAs (see individual WMA season schedules for specific regulations).
  • Centerfire rifles
  • Break-action centerfire and Bolt-action centerfire handguns
  • Scoped centerfire handguns
  • Shotgun slugs or shot larger than BB lead or F steel
  • Target shooting and other forms of practice shooting are prohibited on WMAs EXCEPT as otherwise specified.
  • Discharging of firearms on or across, or hunting from designated roads, ATV/UTV trails, nature trails, hiking trails, and their rights-of-way is prohibited during open firearms seasons for deer.