Hunting Regulations Icon Louisiana Hunting

  • All use of dogs on WMAs, EXCEPT for bird hunting and duck hunting, is EXPERIMENTAL as required by law. Having or using dogs on any WMA is prohibited EXCEPT for nighttime experimental raccoon hunting, squirrel hunting, rabbit hunting, bird hunting, duck hunting, hog hunting and bird dog training when allowed (see individual WMA seasons listings for WMAs that allow dogs).
  • Dogs running at large are prohibited on WMAs. The owner or handler of said dogs shall be liable.
  • Only recognizable breeds of bird dogs and retrievers are allowed for quail and migratory bird hunting. Only beagle hounds which do not exceed 15 inches at the front shoulders and which have recognizable characteristics of the breed may be used on WMAs having experimental rabbit seasons.
  • A leashed dog may be used to retrieve wounded or un-recovered deer during legal hunting hours. Any leashed dog used to trail or retrieve wounded or un-recovered deer shall have on a collar with the owner’s name, address and phone number. In addition, a dog may be used to trail and retrieve un-recovered deer after legal hunting hours; however, no person accompanying a dog after legal hunting hours may carry a firearm of any sort.