Deer Tagging Information

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Prior to hunting deer, all deer hunters, regardless of age or license status, must obtain deer tags. Tags must be in possession when hunting deer.

Process for Tagging Deer

  1. Immediately upon harvesting a deer, the hunter must tag the deer with the appropriate carcass tag before it is moved from the harvest site.
  2. The hunter must record the date of kill for the corresponding tag number on the harvest report card portion of the deer tag license.
  3. The hunter must record the date and parish of kill on the carcass tag.
  4. The tag must remain attached to the deer while kept at camp, or while it is transported to the domicile of the hunter or to a cold storage facility. Hunters who keep the carcass or meat at camp must also comply with the resident game possession tag regulations (see Possession Tags on Deer Hunting Regulations).
  5. Within 72 hours the hunter must validate the harvest. Hunters may validate deer by calling the validation toll free number, 1-844-LACHECK (1-844-522-4325) or using the validation website: la-web.s3licensing.com.Hunters harvesting deer on DMAP lands should follow the instructions provided to them by LDWF. When deer check stations are in operation, hunters on WMAs can validate deer during mandatory deer check hunts.

Deer tagging procedure for licenses purchased via phone or Internet

Hunters purchasing licenses online at la-web.s3licensing.com will be able to print an E-License using a personal printer for immediate use, email or save the licenses purchased to an electronic device which is kept in possession while hunting.

Replacement of lost tags

Duplicate tags are available to replace lost tags at a charge to the hunter. Hunters that have harvested deer prior to losing their remaining tags must remove and discard the duplicate tags to account for the original tags that have been used and validated. Hunters must record these validated deer on the duplicate deer tag license.