Commercial Activities

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Except for licensed activities otherwise allowed by law, commercial activities are prohibited without a permit issued by the Secretary of LDWF.

Commercial Fishing

  • Commercial fishing is prohibited year-round on the following WMAs: Salvador/Timken, Pointe-aux-Chenes WMAs, EXCEPT commercial fishing on Pointe-aux-Chenes is allowed in Cutoff Canal and Wonder Lake.
  • Commercial fishing is prohibited during open waterfowl seasons on the Grand Bay, Silver Lake and Lower Sunk Lake on Richard K. Yancey WMA.
  • Permits are required of all commercial fisherman using the following WMAs: Grassy Lake, Pomme de Terre and Spring Bayou WMAs. Non-compliance with permit regulations will result in revocation of commercial fishing privileges for the period the license is issued and one year thereafter.
  • Drag seines (EXCEPT minnow and bait seines) are prohibited EXCEPT experimental bait seines allowed on Dewey Wills WMA north of LA 28 in diversion canal.
  • No commercial fishing activity shall impede navigation and no unattended vessels or barges will be allowed.
  • Commercial fishing is allowed on Pass-a-Loutre and Atchafalaya Delta WMAs. See Pass-a-Loutre for additional commercial fishing regulations on mullet.

    Hunting Guides/Outfitters

    No person or group of persons may act as a hunting guide, outfitter or in any other capacity for which they are paid or promised to be paid directly or indirectly by any other individual or individuals for services rendered to any other person or persons hunting on any WMA, regardless of whether such payment is for guiding, outfitting, lodging or club memberships.