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Licenses & Fees

Fishing Regulations Icon Louisiana Fishing

Recreational Fishing Fees



Basic Fishing Season $9.50 $60.00
Saltwater License (Basic Fishing required) $13.00 $30.00
Basic Fish Trip – 1 day $5.00
Saltwater Trip – 1 day $17.50
Hook and Line (cane pole) $2.50
Charter Passenger License (3-day)1 $10.00 $10.00
Charter Skiff (3-day)2 $30.00
LA Sportsman’s Paradise License3 $100.00
Senior Fish/Hunt4 $5.00
Non-Resident Student Basic Fishing5 $9.50
NR Student Saltwater Fishing

(Basic Fishing required)5

Resident Disabled Basic Fishing6 $2.50
Resident Disabled Saltwater6 $2.50
Offshore Landing Permit7 Free Free


Active Military Basic Fishing $9.50 $9.50
Active Military Saltwater $5.50 $5.50
Resident LA National Guard Fish/Hunt $50.00
Resident/Native Retired Military Hunt/Fish $5.00
Resident Surviving Spouse Killed in Action Fish $2.50

Fishing Gear

Crab Traps (limit 10) $15.00 $60.00
Slat Traps (limit 5) $20.00 $80.00
Trawls – up to 16 feet $25.00 $100.00
Trawls – 16 feet to 25 feet $80.00 $320.00
Oyster Tong (per tong) $5.00 $20.00
Crawfish Traps (limit 35) $15.00 $60.00
Pipes/Drums (limit 5) $10.00 $40.00
Cans/Buckets (limit 5) $10.00 $40.00
Wire Nets (limit 5)8 $20.00 $80.00
Hoop Nets (limit 5)8 $20.00 $80.00

1 Valid to fish from a charter vessel in saltwater areas of the state, with a licensed guide on board at all times.

2 Valid to fish under the direction of a charter operation in a licensed charter skiff in saltwater areas of the state.

3 Sportsman’s Paradise License: Includes Basic and Saltwater Fishing, Basic and Big Game Hunting, Bow, Primitive Firearms, Turkey, LA Duck and WMA Hunting Permit, and all recreational gear licenses (EXCEPT recreational trawls greater than 16 feet in length).

4 Senior Fish/Hunt License: Any resident who reached age 60 on June 1, 2000 or later must obtain a Senior Hunt/Fish License to hunt or fish. This license is in lieu of basic and saltwater fishing, basic hunting, big game, bow, primitive firearms, LA duck license, turkey stamp and WMA hunting permit. It does not include special gear such as trawls, crab traps, crawfish traps, hoop nets, etc.

5 NR Student: Applies to a nonresident who is enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited college, university or high school that has a physical campus in Louisiana. Verification of full-time status on the Department form available at Any person fishing under a “student license” must carry valid student I.D. card indicating current full time status while hunting or fishing.

6 LA Disabled Fishing and Saltwater: See page 12.

7 Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP): See page 11.

8 Recreational wire and hoop nets shall be used only in the geographical areas of the state designated as freshwater (see page 22).

Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime License Fees

Lifetime Fishing

(5-13 years old)

Lifetime Fishing

(14 years and older)

Lifetime Hunt/Fish

(0-4 years old)

Lifetime Hunt/Fish

(5-13 years old)

Lifetime Hunt/Fish

(14 years and older)

NR Lifetime Hunt/Fish $3,000
Lifetime Resident

Senior Hunt/Fish

(60 or older)

Lifetime Fishing Gear 10 times

annual fee per gear type

Lifetime fishing licenses include both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Lifetime licenses are available from Baton Rouge office only. Allow three weeks processing time. Applicants are required to have lived in Louisiana for the immediate 6 months prior to making application to qualify for resident rates. Mandatory documents required for applicants over the age of 18 are a valid LA driver’s license issued a minimum of 6 months and one of the following:

  1. Louisiana voter’s registration card
  2. Louisiana vehicle registration or
  3. Two previous year’s state tax filing, stamped by Department of Revenue and Taxation.

    (Applications available at or by calling 225-765-2887)

    Mandatory paperwork for applicants under the age of 18 is the following:

    • Original or certified copy of the birth certificate
    • Copy of both parents driver’s license

Recreational fishing and hunting licenses may be purchased by phone toll-free at

1-888-765-2602. An authorization number for immediate use will be provided and licenses will be mailed to each licensee. Purchase an E-License online at and print using your home printer for immediate use.

Methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or

E-check. An authorization number for immediate use will be provided. A convenience fee is assessed. Customers wanting a license on durable, waterproof paper can still visit any license vendors.

Recreational Licenses

About The License

  • Recreational licenses are valid from the date of purchase, are available for purchase each June 1, and expire June 30 of the following year.
  • To obtain licenses at resident rates, proof of residency is required. Valid forms of I.D. include (*NOTE: valid ID must be held for 6 months before buying license):
  • Louisiana driver’s license
  • Louisiana ID card (issued by the Department of Public Safety)
  • Recreational Licenses that are purchased via mobile device (smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) will not receive a license in the mail. You will receive a text and an email with a temporary authorization number and a PDF of your licenses which can be saved and printed.
  • Recreational Licenses that are purchased online at will have the option to purchase an E-License. The E-License can be printed using your own printer for immediate use or save the PDF of licenses purchased to the electronic device you take with you. Those customers wanting a license on durable, waterproof paper can still visit any license vendors or call toll free (1-888-765-2602).

Who Needs a License

Anglers 16 years of age or older who take or possess fish in Louisiana waters must possess a fishing license.

Who Does Not Need a License

  • Children under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license (15 and under).
  • Residents born before June 1, 1940 who have lived in Louisiana for six months prior to fishing are exempt from basic and saltwater licenses but MUST have appropriate gear licenses when using trawls, crab traps, slat traps, oyster tongs, crawfish traps, wire nets, hoop nets or any other legal fishing gear.

Fishing In Saltwater

Title 56, Section 302.1.C.(1) requires that all recreational anglers fishing south of the “saltwater line” (see page 22) for saltwater species have in their possession a Louisiana saltwater angler’s license IN ADDITION TO a basic Louisiana fishing license EXCEPT those persons otherwise exempted. All regulations apply regardless of where the fish is taken.

Recreational Offshore Landing Permit

Recreational anglers who are 16 years of age or older and charter captains are required to obtain this permit (free of charge) to possess tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers, hinds, snappers, dolphinfish, wahoo and cobia. Anglers wishing to obtain or renew a permit must register or login at More details on this program are also available on this site. The requirement for anglers on a for-hire trip to have the permit has been removed, instead only requiring the charter captain to have the permit in possession. The requirement for anglers that are 15 years of age and under to have the permit has also been removed.

Activities that Require a License

A valid Basic Fishing License is required to possess fish in Louisiana waters OR to use the following gears in pursuit of fish:

  • Bow and arrow
  • A barbed or barbless spear
  • Frog gig/catcher
  • Scuba gear
  • Hook and Line
  • Cast net with a radius not to exceed 8 feet, 6 inches
  • Crabbing on a refuge or wildlife management area (WMA)

Military Recreational Licenses

  • Active-duty members of the United States armed forces, including National Guard, are eligible to purchase annual licenses for the same fee that Louisiana residents pay for annual licenses.
  • An active-duty military member’s spouse and/or any dependents may also obtain a fishing license at the Louisiana resident rate.
  • In order to obtain Louisiana resident rate licenses the active-duty member of the military, spouse or dependents must present a valid active duty military ID card at the time of the license purchase.
  • A Louisiana resident who is a member of the Louisiana National Guard or any reserve component of the United States armed forces may purchase a combination license to hunt and fish for $50. Information and applications are available at or by calling 225-765-2887.
  • A Louisiana resident or native born Retired member of the United States armed forces, including Louisiana National Guard, is eligible to purchase a combination license to hunt and fish for $5. (Application for this license can be mailed to the Baton Rouge office or presented to the Baton Rouge office in person).
  • A Louisiana resident who is a surviving spouse of a member of the United States armed forces, including Louisiana National Guard, who was killed in action while in a combat zone, is eligible to purchase a recreational fishing license for $2.50. (Application for this license can be mailed to the Baton Rouge office or presented to the Baton Rouge office in person).

Texas/Louisiana Reciprocal

  • Louisiana and Texas residents who hold resident licenses from their resident state or who are exempted from holding resident licenses in their state may fish the border waters between Texas and Louisiana without additional licenses. Boundary waters include:
  • Caddo Lake
  • Toledo Bend Reservoir
  • Sabine River
  • Sabine Lake
  • Sabine Pass
  • Louisiana residents who are 65 years old or older may fish in Texas public waters (both freshwater and saltwater) as long as they possess valid Louisiana resident licenses and comply with Texas law.
  • Louisiana residents born before June 1, 1940 are not required to have a license to fish border waters, only.
  • Louisiana residents who are 17 to 64 years of age must purchase Texas non-resident fishing license(s) when fishing in Texas, except when fishing in border waters.
  • Texas residents who are 65 years old or older may fish in Louisiana public waters (both freshwater and saltwater) as long as they possess valid Texas resident license(s) and comply with Louisiana law.
  • Texas residents born before Sept. 1, 1930 must possess Texas resident fishing license(s) when fishing in Louisiana, except in the border waters.

Disability Licenses

  • Resident veterans who have a permanent service-connected disability classification of 50 percent or more, and residents who are blind, paraplegic or multiple amputee can be issued recreational basic and saltwater fishing license(s) for free.
  • Residents who are totally and permanently disabled and receiving federal social security disability benefits or disability retirement income from a retirement system whose members are exempt from social security pursuant to the Railroad Retirement Insurance Act or employees of the state or a political subdivision of the state that has not voluntarily agreed to participate in federal social security may qualify for reduced rate basic and saltwater fishing licenses. (This exemption does not apply to Supplemental Security Income benefits).
  • Residents required to use one or more artificial limbs or permanent braces for mobility or a single amputee can be issued recreational basic and saltwater fishing licenses for free.
  • As defined in R.S. 47:463.4(E), Mobility impaired persons that are bona fide residents of Louisiana, in possession of valid identification, and over 60 years of age may use one legal slat trap and/or one hoop net not greater than 18 feet by 8 feet, where those gear are legal, without a license, only for the purpose of catching catfish and only for home consumption.
  • Applications for these licenses can be mailed to the Baton Rouge office or presented to the Baton Rouge office in person.
  • Application forms for the Resident Disabled Sportsman License or Resident Disabled with Social Security Benefit License are available at For more information contact Sports License at 225-765-2887