Volunteer Archers Needed

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The DNR has conducted the Indiana Archer’s Index since 1992. It relies on volunteer deer archers to sign up to report wildlife observations while afield during October and early November. This is an important citizen-science survey for a number of species, including white-tailed deer, coyotes, raccoons, fox squirrels, gray squirrels, and wild turkeys.

The survey does not count animals. Rather, it helps track trends in populations by calculating sightings/1,000 hours hunted. This allows biologists to track how many of certain wildlife are being seen and how those sightings change through time. It also provides other valuable data such as fawn:doe ratios and buck:doe ratios, which can be found in the Deer Research Report that will be online in mid-summer under the Deer Management section at deer.dnr.IN.gov

The DNR is looking to recruit new volunteers for the archer’s survey to ensure we continue to collect quality data from all Indiana counties. Anyone planning to bow hunt deer in Indiana during October and November is welcome to volunteer. New volunteers must sign up by Sept. 15. Data sheets and information will be sent to volunteers at the end of September. Volunteers will be asked to record county hunted, hours hunted in the morning and afternoon, and number of animals seen for key species.

Interested in volunteering? Visit on.IN.gov/
to learn more or sign up for the 2019 survey. Please direct any questions to Geriann Albers, furbearer biologist and survey coordinator, at galbers@dnr.IN.gov or 812-822-3304.