Learn to Hunt Program

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This program is designed to instruct and motivate novice and inexperienced hunters of all ages. It offers participants a variety of learning opportunities to gain hands-on experiences around the state. The goal is to meet the needs of participants with diverse interests, backgrounds, and levels of ability to create lifelong hunters. This program also aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity; social interaction; and the consumption of locally sourced, free-range proteins that hunting can provide.

  • Multi-day Workshops: Species-specific workshops provide the chance to learn about the science and skills of hunting. Because hunting can’t be learned in a day, each workshop is made up of two to four learning sessions, each designed as its own two- to four-hour workshop. This design allows participants to focus on each aspect of hunting, one target species at a time.
    • Classroom Session: Focuses on teaching the laws and regulations, biology, hunting and scouting techniques, and recommended equipment for hunting the target species.
    • Field Session: Focuses on hands-on teaching of how to hunt the target species in different habitats (i.e., how to scout and where to hunt).
    • Range Session: Focuses on teaching and practice of shooting techniques and shot placement.
    • Hunt Session: Pairs participants with seasoned hunters in either a small group (two students to one mentor) or one-on-one, depending on the target species.
  • Seminars: Mini workshops (one to three hours) focus on a particular hunting topic (e.g., cooking wild game, picking a gun that fits you, field dressing wild game, turkey calling, waterfowl calling). Seminars are also used as a refresher or elective portion for the multi-day workshops.
  • Mentored Hunts: Provide participants with a safe and educational experience with an experienced hunter. Mentored hunts are operated either as small group hunts (two students to one mentor) or one-on-one hunts.

This program will help you make the most of your hunting pursuits and take the first steps toward building a solid foundation for your hunting future. See on.IN.gov/learn2hunt for more. For information on volunteering as a mentor, email Learn2Hunt@dnr.IN.gov