Important Updates

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Special Waterfowl Dates for Veterans

New in 2019 are special dates for veterans to hunt waterfowl. In order to hunt ducks and geese in Indiana, all individuals must have an Indiana hunting license, an Indiana waterfowl stamp privilege, and a free Harvest Information Program (HIP) validation number. All persons age 16 or older must also have a federal duck stamp. Federal duck stamps are available at most post offices and at fws.gov/duckstamps. State waterfowl stamp privileges are available from hunting and fishing license vendors and online at INHuntFish.com. The special waterfowl hunting dates for veterans are Oct. 12 and 13 for the north zone, Oct. 19 and 20 for the central zone, and Oct. 26 and 27 for the south zone.

Legal Rifle Cartridges on Public Land

Staying consistent with years prior, cartridges that meet the specifications listed on Deer Regulations are still legal to use for deer hunting on public land. These rifle cartridges, as well as some additional rifles (including some higher-powered cartridges) are legal on private land. Rifle cartridges are legal to use only during the deer firearms, youth, and reduction zones from Nov. 16, 2019-Jan. 31, 2020 (in zones where local ordinances allow the use of a firearm), and special antlerless seasons (where open). For more information on legal rifle cartridges and other deer hunting equipment, see Deer Regulations.

New Guiding License Requirements

A new law requires hunting guide or outfitter services that are offered or provided for money or other consideration to possess a valid annual Hunting Guide License issued under IC 14-22-15.5. The annual license will expire on March 31 of the following year in which the license was issued. Licenses can be purchased online at INHuntFish.com