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The 2014 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Guide is now available!
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Below is content from the 2013 guide.

Furbearers Hunting

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Furbearer Hunting Seasons


Hunting Seasons

Red and Gray Fox

Oct. 15, 2013 – Feb. 28, 2014

Coyote and Striped Skunk

Oct. 15, 2013 – March 15, 2014

Raccoon and Opossum

Nov. 8, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2014

Dog Running (Raccoon and Opossum only)

Feb. 1, 2013 – Oct. 25, 2013

Feb. 1, 2014 – Oct. 25, 2014

Furbearer Hunting

A valid hunting license is needed to hunt coyote, gray fox, opossum, raccoon, red fox, and striped skunk. (See the chart above for season dates.)

A continuously burning light that can be seen for at least 500 feet must be carried while pursuing furbearing animals between sunset and sunrise. It is illegal to:

  • Remove wild animals from any cavity or den;
  • To disturb the den or nest of any animal by shooting, digging, cutting or chipping; with the aid of smoke, fire, fumes, chemicals, ferret or other small animal; or with any device introduced into the hole where the animal is sheltered
  • To use or carry tree climbing or cutting equipment for the purpose of dislodging an animal from a tree.

Dog Running

The dog running season for raccoon and opossum extends from noon Feb. 1 through noon Oct. 25. A person needs a valid Indiana hunting license to chase wild animals with dogs. It is legal to hunt and chase foxes (Oct. 15 to Feb. 28), raccoons (Nov. 8 to Jan. 31), and coyotes (Oct. 15 to March 15) with dogs during the established hunting seasons. Youth that are younger than 13 years old; do not possess a bow, crossbow or firearm; and are accompanied by an individual who is at least 18 years of age and holds a valid license are exempt from needing a hunting license while chasing a wild animal during the dog running season.

Fox & Coyote Hunting

It is legal to hunt fox and coyote with the use of mouth- or hand-operated calls, or with the use of recorded calls. Spotlights may be used to take fox and coyote. There are no restrictions on hunting hours or firearms for hunting fox and coyote. It is illegal to hunt fox or coyote from a roadway or with the use of any motor-driven conveyance. It is legal to chase foxes and coyotes with dogs year-round with a hunting license.

Protected Wildlife

Badgers, bobcats and river otters are protected species. It is illegal to take these furbearers in Indiana. If you accidentally trap a badger, bobcat or river otter, report the incident to an Indiana Conservation Officer (see Contact Lists). There is no penalty for reporting accidental captures. If the animal is dead, the carcass must be surrendered to an Indiana Conservation Officer. Information provided by hunters and trappers is an important means of determining the status and distribution of these species in Indiana.

For more on protected wildlife, call the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife, (317) 232-4200 or go to

Nuisance Animals

A resident landowner or tenant may use legal methods, without a permit, to take a beaver, mink, muskrat, long-tailed weasel, red fox, gray fox, opossum, skunk, gray squirrel, fox squirrel or raccoon that is on their own property and discovered damaging property.

If the animal is released, it must be released in the county of capture with permission of the landowner.

Ground hogs (woodchucks), moles, and chipmunks may be taken at any time using any equipment without a permit.

Landowners may take coyotes at any time on the land they own or they may provide written permission for others to take coyotes on their land at any time, without a special permit. A valid hunting or trapping license or nuisance wild animal control permit is required to take a coyote on land other than your own.

Coyotes that are taken outside the hunting and trapping season by a landowner or someone with written permission from a landowner cannot be possessed live for more than 24 hours, and the live coyote cannot be sold, traded, bartered or gifted.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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