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About This Guide

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Welcome to the DNR’s 2014-15 Hunting & Trapping Guide

Whether you hunt deer, turkey, squirrels, furbearers, waterfowl, gamebirds, or all of the above, the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife welcomes you to another Indiana hunting season.

This booklet provides a summary of Indiana hunting and trapping regulations. It is designed as a service to sportsmen and sportswomen but is not a complete digest of all regulations.

If you need complete versions of Indiana laws and rules that apply to hunting and trapping, they can be found in Indiana Code, Title 14, Article 22 ( or in Indiana Administrative Code, Title 312, Article 9, (

Information in this booklet includes season dates and bag limits, license requirements and prices, legal hunting hours, approved hunting equipment, and many other useful tidbits.

Make sure to check out What’s New in 2014, where some of the key rule changes that take effect in 2014-15 are highlighted.

In addition, the booklet contains a number of informative feature articles.

As you could probably tell from the cover photo, the centerpiece feature is on coyotes. This native species has adapted so well to landscape changes in Indiana that it’s common in all Indiana counties and even present in several urban areas.

Other featured topics include safety tips for hunting from a tree stand, common myths about deer management, public land additions, the future of trapping, habitat improvement programs available to private landowners, and managing river otters.

This year’s guide also packages all youth hunting information into one location. Visit Opportunities for Youth Hunters to learn about youth hunting license requirements and several special opportunities for youth hunters.

The Indiana Contact Lists will provide contact information for state-managed fish & wildlife areas, state forests, and other DNR properties open to hunting, and for the 10 DNR Law Enforcement districts.

Finally, a handy permission to hunt form for use on private land is here.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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