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Trout Regulations

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Indiana anglers have two options when it comes to trout fishing — inland waters and Lake Michigan.

The DNR stocks several inland streams and lakes with rainbow trout each spring, and the Northeast Indiana Trout Association adds to the mix with supplemental stocking of brown trout under a DNR permit.

The following information covers special regulations for inland trout fishing. Lake Michigan trout and salmon regulations are here.

Lakes: No closed season for taking trout from inland lakes except March 15 to April 1 for:

  • Greene-Sullivan State Forest

Streams: The opening day of trout season for inland streams, other than Lake Michigan tributaries, is the last Saturday in April and runs through Dec. 31

The starting time is 6 a.m. local time.

Catch-and-release applies to all trout streams from Jan. 1 through April 14. See Lake Michigan regulations for special tributary restrictions and closure information for Lake Michigan streams.

A closed season for selected trout streams (see below) runs from April 15 to the last Saturday in April (opening day), when the hatcheries complete the annual trout stockings.

  • Pigeon River and Pigeon Creek in LaGrange County from the Steuben County line to C.R. 410 E (Troxel’s Bridge). This does not include the impoundment known as Mongo Mill Pond
  • Harding Run, Curtis Creek, Bloody Run and Graveyard Run (tributaries of Pigeon River) in LaGrange County
  • Turkey Creek north of C.R. 100 S in LaGrange County
  • Rainbow Pit located on Pigeon River FWA, approximately one mile east of Ontario in LaGrange County
  • Little Elkhart River and Rowe-Eden Ditch in LaGrange County
  • Solomon Creek and Cobus Creek in Elkhart County
  • Little Kankakee River in LaPorte County from C.R. 800 E upstream to Division Road
  • Spy Run within Franke Park in Allen County
  • Mississinewa River within the boundaries of the Randolph County Wildlife Management Area
  • Big Blue River within the boundaries of Wilbur Wright FWA in Henry County

Three trout streams in Elkhart County (totaling 2.8 miles) are designated as year-round “catch-and-release only” and “artificial-lures-or-flies only” trout fishing areas.

Only artificial lures and artificial flies can be used on the following catch-and-release waters in Elkhart County:

  • Little Elkhart River from C.R. 43 downstream to C.R. 16, except for waters along Riverbend Park from C.R. 16 upstream to the pedestrian footbridge
  • Solomon Creek from C.R. 33 downstream to the Elkhart River
  • Cobus Creek from Old U.S. 20 downstream to the St. Joseph River

Brown Trout Minimum Size Limit Waters: An 18-inch minimum size limit exists at Oliver, Olin, and Martin Lakes in LaGrange Co., and the Brookville Lake tailwater in Franklin County.

Inland Trout sizes and limits


Daily Bag Limit

Minimum Size

Brook Trout

5 singly or in aggregate for all trout.

No more than 1 may be brown trout.

7 inches*

Rainbow Trout

Brown Trout

*18″ minimum size limit for brown trout at Oliver, Olin and Martin lakes in LaGrange Co., and Brookville Lake tailwater in Franklin Co.

Where to Fish

Looking for a place to fish? The DNR can get you there with Where to Fish, an online interactive map that provides a wealth of information on hundreds of public access sites in Indiana.The toolbar features a number of functions that allow you to search for locations by waterbody, county or DNR property; find driving directions; and print your findings. Clicking on a specific site provides additional information about motor restrictions, ADA accessibility, shoreline fishing opportunities, applicable fees, what species of fish are common, and the site’s latitude and longitude (great for GPS users!). Check it out.

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