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News & Notes

Fishing Regulations Indiana Freshwater Fishing

West Boggs Project on Track

DNR officials are happy with the outcome of a project to improve fishing at West Boggs Lake in Daviess and Martin counties.

In fall 2014, officials drained and treated the lake to eradicate gizzard shad and other undesirable species in an effort to restore a balanced fishery.

After the renovation, the lake was restocked with 104,374 largemouth bass, 462,476 bluegills and 195,245 redear sunfish, all fingerlings. A total of 816 adult largemouth bass also were restocked after being salvaged by anglers during spring bass tournaments and by biologists during fall electrofishing. There were 55 adult channel catfish returned as well.

DNR biologist sampled the lake in June 2015 to monitor the survival and growth of fish stocked last fall.

The fish appeared to be in good shape. More importantly, no gizzard shad were detected.

Largemouth bass fingerlings, which averaged 3.9 inches when stocked in 2014, averaged 7 inches in June and are fat, according to fisheries biologists. Bass collected ranged in length from 1.9 to 12 inches and the electrofishing catch rate was 213 bass per hour. Spawning activity by salvaged bass was also evident by the presence of new fingerlings.

Bluegills and redear sunfish are making excellent gains in growth, too. During surveying, bluegills were collected that measured as long as 6.7 inches. When stocked in October 2014, bluegills averaged 1 inch; they averaged 3.6 inches in June.

Griffy Bass Target Carp

The DNR has stocked adult largemouth bass in Griffy Lake in Bloomington to control a population of common carp.

Common carp are considered a nuisance species because they reproduce, grow quickly, and feed primarily on aquatic insects by dredging up lake and stream bottoms and filtering insects from sediment. The process degrades water quality and fish habitat.

A total of 278 adult largemouth bass ranging in length from 14 to 22 inches were stocked.

DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife fisheries biologists hope the adult bass will eat young carp before their numbers reach nuisance levels. The stocking also will provide big-bass fishing opportunities for Griffy Lake anglers.

Access Site Makeovers

Indiana’s public boating access program plans to rehabilitate or construct 10 public access sites in 2016 with an emphasis on meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Pre-fabricated boat ramps will replace existing ramps at Beaver Dam Lake Public Access Site near Silver Lake (Kosciusko County), Blue Lake (Whitley County), and Brush Creek Reservoir (Jennings County). ADA compliant parking pads also will be installed.

New parking areas with ADA parking pads will be built at Kruger Lake (Madison) and Bixler Lake (Kendallville). The Kruger Lake project also will add a sidewalk leading to an ADA floating pier, and Bixler Lake will get an asphalt parking lot.

New canoe access sites will be installed on the Eel River in Chili and on Salt Creek at Deer Run Park (Nashville). The Chili site will include an entrance road and gravel parking lot. The Salt Creek site will include a concrete ramp, ADA parking pad, gravel road and parking lot.

New concrete boat ramps, ADA parking pads, and gravel parking lots will be installed at Lake Cicott (Burnettsville), and Sand Creek River (Westport).

Monroe Carp Concerns

Invasive Asian carp are knocking on Monroe Lake’s door, and DNR officials are warning anglers not to let them in.

Silver and bighead carp (collectively referred to as Asian carp) have been found in Salt Creek, directly below the Monroe Lake dam. The dam prevents the carp from entering the lake.

But fisheries biologists with the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife are concerned that anglers collecting baitfish from Salt Creek might mistake juvenile Asian carp for gizzard shad and introduce the carp into Monroe Lake.

Using live gizzard shad is a common way to fish for hybrid striped bass at Monroe Lake. The method is legal at Monroe Lake as long as the fish were collected in the lake.

Collecting live gizzard shad in Salt Creek and using them at Monroe Lake is against the law.

Anglers fishing Monroe Lake are reminded to collect their bait fish in Monroe Lake only. Do not transport fish from one body of water to another.

Anglers also should dispose of all unused baitfish, including fish parts, on shore, in a trash can. Never release bait into the water.