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Message from the Director

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Consider this when you catch a fish this summer: Someone else had a hand in making it happen.

Sure, you picked the rod, the reel, the lure or bait. You made the cast to the right spot, set the hook and netted the fish.

But there’s a lot of behind the scenes workers who contribute to the abundant fishing opportunities we enjoy in Indiana.

It’s year-round work, in fact; done by about 80 employees in the Fisheries Section of the Division of Fish & Wildlife. Three out of every four have bachelor’s degrees, and a third of them have Master’s degrees. Some work on the water, others in one of our fish hatcheries, and still others at regional offices or here in Indianapolis.

There’s not enough room here to tell you everything they do, but their shared goal is to develop and implement even better fishing.

They check the quality of fish populations on public lakes and streams, and use that research to help develop some of the rules outlined in this booklet.

They collect and fertilize fish eggs that are raised in hatcheries and later released.

They work cooperatively with colleagues from Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan on waters we share with those states – Lake Michigan, the Ohio River, and the Wabash River.

They acquire, build and maintain boat ramps that give you access to lakes and streams.

So, if you happen to see a DNR biologist when you’re out fishing this year, thank him or her, and tell them “job well done.”

Cameron Clark

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Director


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