Lake Sturgeon – Endangered Species

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Lake Sturgeon

Mouth: Upper lip without lobes, lower lip with two lobes.

Snout: Cone-shaped, rounded.

Tail: Rounded, thick caudal peduncle not fully scaled; smooth areas between rows of bony plates.

Size: Adults normally caught at 45–55 inches and 25–45 lbs.; can reach lengths greater than 6 feet and weights over 100 lbs.

Range: Lower Wabash and White rivers and Lake Michigan, possibly in other large lakes or rivers.

Shovelnose Sturgeon

Mouth: Upper lip with four lobes, lower lip with four lobes.

Snout: Shovel-shaped, flattened.

Tail: Long, thin caudal peduncle fully scaled with bony plates.

Size: Adults normally caught at 30–40 inches and 3–7 lbs., rarely larger.