Inland Trout

Fishing Regulations Indiana Freshwater Fishing

Inland Trout sizes and limits


Daily Bag Limit

Minimum Size

Brook Trout

5 singly or in aggregate for all trout.

No more than 1 may be brown trout.

7 inches*

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout

Indiana anglers have two options when it comes to trout fishing — inland waters and Lake Michigan.

The following information covers regulations for inland trout fishing. Lake Michigan trout and salmon regulations are on Lake Michigan Regulations.

Lakes: No closed season for taking trout from inland lakes except March 15 to April 1 at Greene-Sullivan State Forest.

Streams: The opening day of trout season for inland streams, other than Lake Michigan tributaries, is the last Saturday in April and runs through Dec. 31.

The starting time is 6 a.m. local time.

For a list of trout stockings, see wildlife.IN.gov/5457.htm

Catch-and-release applies to all trout streams from Jan. 1 through April 14. See Lake Michigan Regulations for special tributary restrictions and closure information for Lake Michigan streams.

A closed season for selected trout streams (see below) runs from April 15 to the last Saturday in April (opening day) while DNR staff complete the annual trout stockings.

  • Pigeon River and Pigeon Creek in LaGrange County from the Steuben County line to CR 410 E (Troxel’s Bridge). This does not include the impoundment known as Mongo Mill Pond
  • Harding Run, Curtis Creek, Bloody Run, and Graveyard Run (tributaries of Pigeon River) in LaGrange County
  • Turkey Creek north of CR 100 S in LaGrange County
  • Rainbow Pit located on Pigeon River Fish & Wildlife Area, approximately one mile east of Ontario in LaGrange County
  • Little Elkhart River and Rowe-Eden Ditch in LaGrange County
  • Solomon Creek and Cobus Creek in Elkhart County
  • Little Kankakee River in LaPorte County from CR 800 E upstream to Division Road
  • Spy Run Creek within Franke Park in Allen County
  • Mississinewa River within the boundaries of the Randolph County Wildlife Management Area
  • Big Blue River within the boundaries of Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area in Henry County

Three streams in Elkhart County (totaling 2.8 miles) are designated as year-round “catch-and-release only” and “artificial lures or flies only” trout fishing areas. Only artificial lures and artificial flies can be used in the following catch-and-release waters in Elkhart County:

  • Little Elkhart River from CR 43 downstream to CR 16, except for waters along Riverbend Park from CR 16 upstream to the pedestrian footbridge
  • Solomon Creek from CR 33 downstream to the Elkhart River
  • Cobus Creek from Old U.S. 20 downstream to the St. Joseph River

Brown Trout Minimum Size Limit Waters: An 18-inch minimum size limit exists at Oliver, Olin, and Martin lakes in LaGrange County, and the Brookville Lake tailwater in Franklin County.