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A driver’s license is a huge milestone in your teen’s life, and one to be celebrated. As a parent, it can also leave you feeling concerned about your child’s safety. State Farm® chose to be a part of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to help parents guide a new generation of drivers to become safer, confident and more experienced every time they’re behind the wheel.

State Farm understands that motor vehicle injuries are one of our country’s most important public health problems. In fact, car crashes are the #1 killer of teens, and the first few months of unsupervised driving are the most dangerous.1 As the nation’s leading auto insurer,2 State Farm has been an integral part of landmark teen driver research to help us and others understand how so many of these car crashes can be avoided. We’ve also learned new drivers need and want parental involvement. By providing teens with significant practice on a variety of driving skills and conditions, parents can make a huge impact in keeping the roads safer for everyone.

Through continued research and funding, State Farm is committed to preventing injuries and saving lives. We also work with national and local organizations to bring ongoing attention to auto safety issues and legislation. Across the U.S., more than 18,000 State Farm agents are making a difference too, by increasing awareness around safe driving and the impact new drivers have on the roads.

We encourage you to read this program guide and know that you will make a difference in your teen’s safety, wherever the road takes them. Together, we can make this milestone a real celebration for your child and you.


1 – https://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/teen_drivers/teendrivers_factsheet.html

2 – https://www.statefarm.com/about-us/company-overview/company-profile/fast-facts


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