DDS Commissioner and Board Messages

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Commissioner’s Message

Dear Parents and Future Drivers,

Reaching the age to obtain a driver’s license is one of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life. For parents and teens alike, it is a process and an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. While the privilege to drive opens doors to many new opportunities, it also carries with it tremendous responsibilities. A solid foundation in driver education—including practice and behind-the-wheel experience—has proven to be the one of the best protections against teen driving fatalities, which continue to be the leading cause of death among teens in the United States.

To that end, I am pleased to present the DDS 40-hour Parent Teen Driving Guide, which is intended to not only provide teens with the fundamental tools necessary to be safer drivers, but also assist in satisfying the behind-the-wheel skills portion of Georgia’s teen driver education requirements. Georgia law requires that all teens under the age of 17 successfully complete a DDS-approved driver training program in order to obtain a Class D provisional license. Without driver training, teens are not eligible for a provisional license until they reach age 17. When coupled with a DDS-approved 30-hour virtual or 30-hour classroom program, successful completion of this Guide will satisfy Georgia’s driver education requirements.

Please read the Guide carefully and be sure to follow all of the directions. All sessions must be completed prior to being able to take the DDS road skills test. In addition, a Driving Experience Affidavit (DDS-7) must be completed at DDS affirming the applicant has a minimum of 40 hours of driving experience, 6 hours of which must be at night. Teens without the required 40 hours will not be tested.

Specific questions about information include in the Guide can be submitted to DDS via the “Ask Teen Driver” email found at the DDS website, www.dds.georgia.gov. Also, remember that you can save time by using DDS Online Services for most DDS services, including upgrading your Class D Provisional License to a Class C Full License.

Best of luck and safe driving!


Spencer R. Moore


Board of Directors’ Message

Board of Directors

David W. Connell – Chair
Jeff Markey – Vice Chair
Jeff Wigington – Secretary
Britt Fleck – Member
Hubert Parker – Member
Rachel Little – Member
Jim Cole – Member
Bob Pierce – Member
Wallace Coopwood – Member

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) Board of Directors would like to remind our customers that driving in Georgia is a privilege that carries many responsibilities. Please strive to become a safe and dependable driver to ensure that this privilege will not be lost. This manual has two main purposes:

(1) to help you qualify for a Georgia driver’s license; and

(2) to help you become a safer driver.

The majority of customers we serve will be applicants for regular passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, or vans (Class C). This guide is designed to provide you with the information to obtain and keep this type of license. Other manuals are available for commercial drivers, motorcycle operators, and teens learning to drive.

DDS Mission & Core Values

Our Core Values:

  • Trusted Service
  • Ethical Actions
  • Accountable to All
  • Motivated to Excellence


Title VI Policy Statement

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) is committed to compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all related nondiscrimination authorities. DDS assures that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, low-income, and Limited English Proficiency (LEP), be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity. DDS further assures that every effort will be made to ensure nondiscrimination in all of its programs and activities, whether or not those programs and activities are federally funded. In addition, DDS will take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to services for persons with Limited English Proficiency. Finally, DDS written agreements with any party for federally funded programs or services will include Title VI language as provided in the Title VI Program Assurances.

Our Mission

To provide secure driver and identity credentials to our customers with excellence and respect.