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Unique Operating Characteristics of Trikes

11.1 – Turning

Because the weight of a trike is distributed almost equally between the two front or two rear wheels, these vehicles handle the same in left and right turns. When turning a trike:

  • Approach a turn with your head up, and look through the turn.
  • Adjust speed before the turn to allow you to safely accelerate through the turn.
  • Lean or shift your weight in the direction of the turn.
  • Steer the front wheel(s) toward the turn.
  • Accelerate gradually as you exit the turn.

11.2 – Stopping Quickly

An important handling characteristic to be aware of on a standard trike (1 wheel up front, 2 in the rear) is that the two rear wheels have more braking power. How much varies by trike design. This is because weight does not shift to the front wheel on a trike during hard braking. Most of the weight stays on the rear wheels and makes the rear brakes more effective.

11.3 – Carrying a Passenger and Cargo

Only skilled, experienced riders should carry passengers or heavy loads. The additional weight of a passenger or cargo will change the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

If a passenger is being carried, the passenger will sit directly behind you. When carrying cargo, center the load and keep it low in the storage areas so it is balanced side-to-side. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information.

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