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General WMA Regulations

Hunting Regulations Icon Georgia Hunting

Migratory Birds

Crows, Snipe & Woodcock may be taken on small game dates during the statewide seasons unless otherwise specified. Electronic calls may be used for crows. No limit on crows.

Duck hunting on managed impoundments at Altamaha (Butler Island), Cordele Hatchery, Evans PFA, Oconee WMA, Rum Creek WMA, and West Point WMA – Glovers Creek is by quota only. Hunters must hunt from assigned areas or ponds. Shooting hours end at 12 noon, except the last Saturday of the season, when hunting is allowed until sunset. See pages 17 and 71 for quota hunt information.

Waterfowl hunting dates are specified in the WMA’s individual regulations, and waterfowl hunting may only occur during those dates. Waterfowl on all other WMA locations may be hunted any day of the waterfowl season that the area is open for small game hunting or as otherwise specified.

Goose hunting is allowed on WMAs except on managed waterfowl impoundments and managed dove fields. On managed waterfowl impoundments, geese may be taken only during managed waterfowl hunts during the state goose season.

Small Game, Furbearers, Falconry & Coyotes

Alligators may be taken on small game dates during statewide alligator season by quota permit holders only, unless otherwise specified in the WMA listings on pages 42-61. See page 29 for more information.

Coyotes may be taken during big game, small game, and special hog hunts, as well as special coyote hunts (See page 67). Weapons are restricted to legal firearms and archery equipment for the game species specified for a particular hunt in the WMA listings on pages 42-61. Electronic calls may be used. No night hunting unless specified otherwise.

Falconry: All WMAs are open for falconry during listed small game dates for a specific area (see pages 42-61). Field trial areas and archery-only hunting areas on WMAs are also open for small game hunting by means of falconry during the statewide falconry season.

Furbearers: Raccoons, opossum, foxes and bobcats may be hunted within statewide seasons during small game and furbearer dates, unless otherwise specified in the WMA listings on pages 42-61. Furbearers may not be hunted during firearms deer hunts. Night hunting is allowed, unless otherwise specified, but is restricted to small game weapons only. Hunters must pick up their dogs by 12 noon on the day following the hunt. No electronic calls.

Small Game: Hunters are allowed to hunt any small game with an open season (see page 31) during the small game dates specified in the WMA listings on pages 42-61, unless otherwise specified. No small game or furbearer hunting is allowed during managed deer hunts except that migratory birds may be hunted during archery deer hunts during open state season unless otherwise specified.


Limited opportunities to trap on certain WMAs are available by permit only. Such opportunities are available on: Albany Nursery, B. F. Grant, Big Lazer Creek, Blanton Creek, Bullard Creek, Clayhole, Crockford-Pigeon Mtn, Dawson Forest, Dixon Memorial, Elmodel, Joe Kurz, Penholoway, Rum Creek, Tuckahoe, West Point, and Yuchi WMAs. Contact the appropriate region office for further details or to apply for a permit.

Public Hunting Opportunities

General Wma Regulations

Unlawful Activities on WMAs

  • Man-drives during deer hunts. A man-drive is defined as an organized hunting technique involving three (3) or more hunters using a coordinated effort to drive deer or feral swine from cover to another hunter for the purpose of shooting.
  • Placing bait or wildlife food and hunting any game species or feral hog over bait.
  • Target practicing, except on an authorized shooting range.
  • Driving a vehicle around any gate, sign, earth berm, or similar device intended to prevent vehicular access.
  • Hunting within 50 yards of any road opened for vehicular access. (Possession of a loaded firearm within 50 yards of a road opened for vehicular access is considered hunting.)
  • Hunting within a posted safety zone.
  • Consuming alcohol except at camp sites (this regulation does not apply on National Forest Lands).
  • Camping or operating a motor vehicle upon any permanent wildlife opening.
  • Using motor vehicles, signage, flagging tape, or any other method(s) to close or restrict access to roads, trails or any other access features.
  • Using metal detectors or collecting artifacts.
  • Using paintball equipment (this regulation does not apply on National Forest Lands).
  • Trapping except that special permits may be issued for certain WMAs.
  • Possessing or using buckshot except on dog-deer hunts.
  • Possessing alcohol while hunting on National Forest lands.
  • Hunting with a suppressed firearm.
  • Possessing a cocked crossbow in a motor vehicle.
  • Possessing a firearm during a closed hunting season for an area, except on designated shooting ranges, unless such a firearm is unloaded and stored in a motor vehicle so as to not be readily accessible, except that any person possessing a Weapons Carry License that is valid in this state pursuant to OCGA §§ 16-11-126(f) or 16-11-129 may carry such firearm subject to the limitations of OCGA §§ 16-11-126 and 16-11-127, except where prohibited by federal law.
  • Possessing a loaded firearm (a gun is considered loaded if a shell is in the chamber or magazine, a percussion cap is on the nipple, or powder is present on the frizzen pan) in a motor vehicle, except that any person possessing a Weapons Carry License that is valid in this state pursuant to OCGA §§ 16-11-126(f) or 16-11-129 may carry such firearm subject to the limitations of OCGA §§ 16-11-126 and 16-11-127, except where prohibited by federal law.