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Commissioner’s Message

Wildlife Violator Compact

Georgia, along with 38 other states, is a member of the Wildlife Violator Compact (WVC). This allows Wildlife Officers to treat non-residents hunting in WVC member states (shown below in green) as if they were a resident of that state in regards to wildlife violations. All wildlife law violators will be held more responsible due to the fact that their illegal activities in one state can affect their hunting privileges in all WVC member states.

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On behalf of the Department of Natural Resources, I want to thank all of the sportsmen who support wildlife and wildlife conservation in Georgia. Our state has some of the most diverse natural resources in the country and I want to thank you for your part in guarding these resources. Hunting and fishing is a valued part of the cultural heritage of our state and these are traditions that I’m committed to protecting.

Hunting supports conservation and sportsmen are the original conservationists. Hunters spend more time, money and effort on wildlife conservation than any other group in society. Your license purchases, which fund wildlife conservation efforts, make you a partner in all the efforts of this agency. You contribute through the purchase of firearms, ammunition and other hunting supplies as a percentage of those sales are dedicated to wildlife conservation. I’m proud to say that Georgia has approximately 1 million acres of land available for public hunting and angling opportunities through our wildlife management areas and other public lands. We could not have gotten here without your help and support.

How else can you support wildlife? Give someone special a lifetime hunting and fishing license as a gift. Put a wildlife license plate on your car. Donate to the Wildlife Conservation Fund Tax Check-off on your state income tax form. Or, volunteer your time – there are great conservation groups with which to be involved. Thank you for your continued support, and now let’s get out there and enjoy all that Georgia has to offer!

Mark Williams
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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