Saltwater Fishing in Georgia

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From the deep waters of the Gulf Stream across a wide expanse of open Atlantic Ocean through winding tidal rivers to remote marshes, coastal Georgia offers a diversity of inviting places for the saltwater angler. Whether you fish from the surf, a fishing pier, or a boat, there is always something ready to tug on your line.

Five things you can do to be a responsible saltwater angler

  1. Buy a fishing license and the free SIP permit. Funds from the license support fisheries management, building and repairing boating and fishing access projects, and conservation law enforcement. Your SIP permit helps us identify you as a Georgia saltwater angler.
  2. Use the right tools for the job when releasing fish. Using proper tackle for the fish you are targeting and proper handling techniques improves the chances that a released fish will survive. For more information visit TakeMeFishing.org/FishSmart.
  3. Be courteous to your fellow anglers.
  4. Take a kid fishing.
  5. Buy a Marine Habitat License Plate (see below)

Buy a Marine Habitat License Plate – It’s Easy!

Buy the tag at your county tag office

Ask for the Marine Habitat License Plate for your vehicle or trailer, it is only $25 plus your usual county tag fees. (If your county does not have them in stock, you will receive a temporary tag and in about a week you will receive your tag in the mail.)

What will the money be used for?

80% of the funds from sales of this license plate will be used in combination with Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration as well as donations from businesses, private individuals, and conservation groups to enhance habitats used by a variety of marine species.

Learn More at CoastalGaDNR.org/LicensePlate