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Freshwater Fish Records






RED indicates new record!
Blue type denotes a World Record Fish (either IGFA or NFFHF)

Bass, Hybrid

25 lb. 8 oz.

David Hobby

Lake Chatuge

May 1995

Bass, Largemouth

22 lb. 4 oz

George Perry

Montgomery Lake

June 1932

Bass, Redeye

3 lb. 7 oz.

Steve Williams

Lake Hartwell

April 2004

Bass, Shoal

8 lb. 3 oz.

David Hubbard

Flint River

Oct 1977

Bass, Smallmouth

7 lb. 2 oz.

Jack Hall

Lake Chatuge

March 1973

Bass, Spotted

8 lb. 2 oz.

Wayne Holland

Lake Burton

Feb 2005

Bass, Striped (tie)

63 lb.

Kelly Ward

Oconee River

May 1967

Terry McConnell

Lake Richard B. Russell

April 2009

Bass, Suwanee

3 lb. 9 oz.

Laverne Norton

Ochlocknee River

Oct 1984

Bass, White

5 lb. 1 oz.

J.M. Hobbins

Lake Lanier

June 1971


16 lb. 3 oz.

Jimmy Tucker

Suwannee River

June 2014

Bullhead, Brown

5 lb. 8 oz.

James Andrews

O.F. Veal Pond

May 1978

Bullhead, Yellow

4 lb. 15 oz.

Glenn Settles

Ogeechee River

Oct 2003

Carp, Common

35 lb. 12 oz.

Rev. Donald Clark

Lake Jackson


Catfish, Blue

80 lb. 4 oz.

Earnest Timpson

Lake Walter F. George

Feb 2010

Catfish, Channel

44 lb. 12 oz.

Bobby Smithwick

Altamaha River

May 1972

Catfish, Flathead

83 lb.

Carl Sawyer

Jim Dieveney

Altamaha River

Altamaha River

June 2006

July 2010

Catfish, White

8 lb. 10 oz.

James Sanders

Savannah River

June 1996

Crappie, Black (tie)

4 lb. 4 oz.

Shirley Lavender

Acree’s Lake

June 1971

Steve Cheek

Lake Spivey

March 1975

Crappie, White

5 lb.

Theresa Kemp

Bibb Co. Pond

April 1984

Gar, Longnose

30 lb. 13 oz.

Gerald Kennedy

Lake Lanier

Sept 2013


38 lb.

Rube Golden

Blue Ridge Lake

June 1957

Perch, Yellow

2 lb. 9 oz.

Thomas Lewis

Savannah River

Feb 2013

Pickerel, Chain

9 lb. 6 oz.

Baxley McQuaig Jr.


Feb 1961

Pickerel, Redfin

2 lb. 10 oz.

Gene Brantley

Lewis’ Pond

July 1982

Pike, Northern

18 lb. 2 oz.

Keith Gragg

Lake Rabun

June 1982


4 lb. 3 oz.

Stuart Bowers

Clarks Hill

April 1986

Shad, American

8 lb. 3 oz.

Henry Baxley

Savannah River

April 1986

Shad, Hickory

1 lb. 15 oz.

Mark Bowers

Ogeechee River

April 1995

Sunfish, Bluegill

3 lb. 5 oz.

P.F. Gumm

Shamrock Lake

July 1977

Sunfish, Flier

1 lb. 4 oz.

Curt Brooks

Lowndes Co. Pond

Feb 1996

Sunfish, Green

1 lb. 7 oz.

Jeff Sumner

Private Pond

Feb 2006

Sunfish, Redbreast

1 lb. 11 oz.

Emory Walden

Coweta Co. Pond

April 1998

Sunfish, Redear

4 lb. 2 oz.

Pat Lawrence

Richmond Co. Pond

June 1995

Sunfish, Spotted

10 oz.

Mike Markovcic

Brier Creek

Sept 2003

10 oz.

Ryan Kersey

Satilla River

June 2014

Sunfish, Warmouth

2 lb.

Carlton Robbins

Private Pond

May 1974

Trout, Brook

5 lb. 10 oz.

Russell Braden

Waters Creek

March 1986

Trout, Brown

20 lb. 14 oz.

Chad Doughty

Chattahoochee River

July 2014

Trout, Rainbow

17 lb. 8 oz.

Mark Cochran

Soque River

May 2004


11 lb. 6 oz.

Neal Watson

Richard B. Russell Lake

Sept 1995

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