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New Georgia Residents

General Information

You must apply for a Georgia driver’s license or permit within 30 days of becoming a Georgia resident if you wish to drive upon the highways of this state. Please see General Licensing Information for more information about requirements to obtain a license or permit and exemptions for certain individuals.

New Georgia Resident Without a valid license or permit issued by another state

Please see the appropriate chapter of this manual for obtaining a license or permit for the first time in Georgia.

Transferring from Another State or District of Columbia

Under Age 18 with valid out of state license or permit

If you hold a valid driver’s license or instructional permit issued by any other state of the United States or by the District of Columbia, you will normally be eligible to obtain a comparable license or permit issued by Georgia. However, the state of issuance may have requirements for teenage drivers that differ from Georgia. For more information, please call the Customer Contact Center at (678) 413-8400.

18 or Older with a valid out of state license or permit

  • Surrender a valid license issued by another state or territory of the United States or by the District of Columbia (expired less than 2 years). If you are unable to surrender a valid driver’s license, you must present a certified Motor Vehicle Report/Driving History from the state of issuance, dated within 30 days, showing your status as valid. Non-citizens are not required to surrender their foreign non-commercial license or permit;
  • Be at least 18 years of age, or 17 years of age if surrendering a valid license equivalent to a Georgia Class C license with no time, route, purpose or passenger restrictions;
  • Your Social Security Number will be verified with the Social Security Administration. You must present proof of your Social Security Number or proof that you are ineligible to obtain a Social Security Number. See Secure ID Documentation Requirements for further details;
  • Provide proof of identity. For a complete list of acceptable documents, see Secure ID Documentation Requirements;
  • Provide proof of citizenship or lawful presence in the United States (see Secure ID Documentation Requirements). All documents must be originals or certified copies. Faxed copies will not be accepted;
  • Provide two documents to prove Georgia residency. For a complete list of acceptable documents, see Secure ID Documentation Requirements.
  • Pass a vision test.

Transferring a License/Permit/ID From Another Country or U.S. Territory

  • If you do not have the out of country license/permit/ID in your possession, you must provide a Motor Vehicle Report/Driving History (printed in English or translated into English by an approved DDS translator) dated within the last 30 days, from the country of license issuance;
  • Most non-citizen customers with a valid out of country driver’s license, permit, or ID may retain their out of country document upon issuance of a Georgia-equivalent document. U.S. citizens will not be allowed to retain any licenses, permits, or identification cards issued to them by foreign countries;
  • Successfully complete the knowledge, road, and vision exams;
  • Present mandatory documents to prove identity, citizenship or lawful presence, Social Security Number, and residency. See Secure ID Documentation Requirements for the complete list;
  • If under the age of 18, additional requirements will apply. Please see Teen Driving Laws for more details on teen licensing requirements;
  • Licenses, permits and IDs issued outside the District of Columbia or by any other state of the United States are non-transferable. A customer holding any document issued outside of the 50 States or District of Columbia must complete the full process for issuance of a new document in Georgia, including all tests required for the class being requested, if applicable.
  • Citizens of certain foreign countries may be exempt from knowledge and skills testing. For a list, visit

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