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Save Time, Go Online—Try DDS Online Services!

License, Permit, and ID Card Services*

  • Reinstate your driver’s license;
  • Renew your driver’s license, permit or ID card;
  • Replace a lost driver’s license, permit, or ID card;
  • Upgrade a Class D license to a Class C license;
  • Change your address;
  • Request an ID card (must have valid license or permit on file);
  • Check license status and moving violation points;
  • Submit proof of residency and/or SSN;
  • Check CDL Self Certification and Medical Documents status;
  • Get suspension information.

Other Services Available*

  • Immediately create a secure user account and track updates to your license status;
  • Conduct multiple services at one time;
  • View and/or download a copy of your driving history (MVR);
  • Request a certified driving history (MVR);
  • Pay ‘Failure to Appear’ fee or reinstate a ‘Failure to Appear’ suspension;
  • Coming Soon! Make an appointment for a road test (non-commercial or motorcycle);
  • Pay ‘Super Speeder’ fee or reinstate a ‘Super Speeder’ suspension;
  • Take a practice written test for a regular driver’s license;
  • Download the most recent version of the Drivers Manual;
  • Skip A Step! (Complete Online Form);
  • Apply for For-Hire license endorsement;
  • Register for a Motorcycle Safety course.

*Online services are available if all requirements are met, including completion of Secure


ID requirements (see pages 10-11 for details).

Be certain to take advantage of DDS Online Services and avoid an unnecessary trip to a Customer Service Center.

DDS Online Services enable thousands of Georgia drivers to conduct many transactions via dds.georgia.gov and eliminate a visit to a DDS Customer Service Center (CSC). This saves customers valuable time and money. DDS does not charge an additional fee for choosing Online Services. A $5.00 discount may apply for eligible license types that are renewed on the internet.

For more information visit the DDS website at:
dds.georgia.gov and like DDS on Facebook!

This manual is produced by the Governmental Affairs and Communications Division of Georgia Department of Driver Services.

The information contained in this manual is not intended to be an official legal reference to the Georgia traffic laws. It is intended only to explain, in everyday language, those laws, driving practices, and procedures that you will use most often. It should be noted that the material in this manual is subject to change to comply with amended State and Federal legislation. The department’s primary statutory responsibilities are set forth in Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.)