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Commissioner’s Message

Dear Georgia Drivers:

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) is proud to provide the Georgia Driver’s Manual to prepare new drivers for their first license. Experienced drivers will also find valuable information in the manual such as new laws, rules of the road and DDS policies that may have changed since receiving their first license.

There are more than 7.6 million valid license holders driving on Georgia’s roads. Obeying traffic laws and practicing safe driving skills will go a long way for your safety, the safety of your friends, your family, and all others who share the road with us. Over 1,200 people lose their lives on our roadways each year, and DDS is committed to helping to prevent each of these tragic losses.

In an effort to better serve the citizens of Georgia, we are leveraging new technology which allows you more choices of how you access DDS’ services. You may now start your visit from home by completing your online application using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Certain field offices also utilize an electronic “check-in” system for getting you to the service counter faster. Additionally, we have increased Road Test Reservation slots by 80 percent. Please be mindful that, by late summer, you will also be able to make your Road Skills Test appointment online. And while you are in our centers, you will have access to free Wi-Fi so that you can continue to handle your own personal and business matters if you have a wait.

The next time you have a licensing question or need a service, please remember to visit, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our other social media outlets.

As we continue to create ways to better serve you, we ask that you make safe driving an important priority.


Rob Mikell


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