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Game Species Daily Limits

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See special limits on Public Fishing Areas.


Daily Limit



Largemouth, Redeye (Coosa), Shoal, Smallmouth, Spotted (Kentucky), and/or Suwannee bass



Channel and/or Flathead

No limit


Black and/or White



Chain, Grass and/or Redfin



American and/or Hickory


Striped Bass,
White Bass
and/or Hybrid
White-Striped Bass

15, only two of which can be 22 inches or longer.

  • Limit taken from the North Newport River, Medway River including Mount Hope Creek, Little Ogeechee River, Ogeechee River, Oconee River downstream of GA Hwy 22 in Milledgeville, Ocmulgee River downstream of the GA Hwy 96 bridge between Houston and Twiggs counties, Altamaha River, St. Mary’s River, Satilla River, and the tributaries to these river sections; and from saltwater is a two fish limit, both of which must be 22 inches in length or longer.
  • Limit taken from the Savannah River and its tributaries downstream of J. Strom Thurmond Dam is a two fish limit, both of which must be 27 inches in length or longer.
  • Limit taken from Lake Richard B. Russell from the Russell Dam to Lake Hartwell Dam and Lake Secession Dam, all tributaries to Lake Richard B. Russell is two (2) striped bass per day, only one (1) of which can exceed 34 inches in length.
  • See South Carolina Agreement.


May not be taken in fresh or saltwater in Georgia

Sunfish or Bream

Bluegill, Flier, Redbreast, Redear, Rock bass, Spotted, Warmouth and/or Shadow bass


Bream: See South Carolina Agreement.


Brook, Rainbow, and/or Brown trout


See Amicalola Creek, Chattahoochee River, Chattooga River, Smithgall Woods, Smith Creek, Toccoa River, and Waters Creek in Trout Fishing & Trout Streams by County.



Limit on Blue Ridge Reservoir is 15.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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