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Special Opportunity Hunts

Special-opportunity permits

The FWC has a number of special opportunity hunts for sportsmen. These provide excellent chances to bag turkeys, released quail and quality deer. Hunters can submit as many applications as they want but a $5 nonrefundable application fee that must be submitted with each separate application. The cost of the permits ranges from $50 to $175. To find out when you may apply for any of these special opportunity hunts, see Limited entry hunts — application periods on this same page.

Special-opportunity fall hunts

  • Blackwater WMA Carr Unit: Released quail hunts. Sixteen seven-day hunts. Each hunt – $100; permit allows four hunters on 590 acres. Hunters must provide their own quail for release.
  • Fort Drum WMA: One seven-day general gun deer/hog hunt – $50; 20 hunters on 20,858 acres.
  • Green Swamp WMA West Unit: Two archery and three general gun deer/hog hunts. Each four-day hunt – $100; 54 hunters on 34,335 acres.
  • Lake Panasoffkee WMA: Eight archery Deer/hog hunts. Each four-day hunt – $100; 20 hunters on 8,676 acres.
  • Triple N Ranch WMA: Two general gun Deer/hog hunts. Each seven-day hunt – $175; 15 hunters on 16,295 acres.


The FWC has created some dove hunting opportunities throughout the state.

  • Dove Club permits allow an adult permit holder and one youth (under age 16) to participate in all scheduled hunts for a designated dove field. These permits cost $150.
  • Daily Dove permits allow an adult permit holder and one youth (under age 16) to participate in one hunt on a designated dove field. These permits cost $35.
  • Punta Gorda, Royce and Dupuis Dove permits allow one adult and one youth (under age 16) to hunt together on the selected area. Visit to get the latest information on special-opportunity dove hunts and dove fields on Florida’s WMAs.

Special-opportunity spring turkey hunts

  • Fisheating Creek WMA East: Two seven-day hunts. Each hunt – $175; 10 hunters on 18,272 acres.
  • Fort Drum WMA: Three seven-day hunts. Each hunt – $50; five hunters on 20,858 acres.
  • Green Swamp WMA West Unit: 34,335 acres divided into three units with eight hunters per unit. Five hunts per unit. Each four-day hunt – $100.
  • Homosassa WMA: Two seven-day hunts. Each hunt – $175; five hunters on 5,675 acres.
  • Lake George WMA Dexter/Mary Farm Unit: 14,377 acres divided into three zones with four hunters per zone. Three hunts per zone. Each seven-day hunt – $175.
  • Lake Panasoffkee WMA: Three four-day hunts. Each hunt – $100; 10 hunters on 8,676 acres.
  • Triple N Ranch WMA: Three seven-day hunts. Each hunt – $175; 10 hunters on 16,295 acres.

Waterfowl and snipe hunt permits

  • T.M. Goodwin and Broadmoor Marsh Unit waterfowl and snipe permits
  • Ocklawaha Prairie waterfowl and snipe permits
  • September waterfowl permits
  • Stormwater Treatment Areas (STA) waterfowl permits
  • Youth waterfowl permits
  • Merritt Island waterfowl permits

Antlerless deer permits – wildlife management areas (WMAs)

Antlerless deer permits are available in limited numbers on special-opportunity hunts and firearms hunts on some WMAs. To be eligible for antlerless deer permits:

  • You must check “Yes” to the antlerless deer question on the quota permit application, AND
  • You must be awarded a quota permit for an area during the Phase I random drawing that allows antlerless deer permits.
  • Special-opportunity and recreational use permit holders will automatically be included in the antlerless deer permit drawing (if permits are available for that area).

Limited entry/quota permits – application periods

Limited entry/quota permits – application periods: For up-to-date information about when to apply for limited entry/quota permits, please visit under Limited Entry/Quota Hunts.

Youth and family hunting opportunities

The FWC offers several opportunities for adults to take youths (under age 16) hunting.

  • The FWC offers two deer hunts at Camp Blanding WMA and two deer hunts at Andrews WMA. During these hunts, permitted youths and their nonhunting supervisors are the only persons allowed on the area.
  • Two youth waterfowl days are held after the end of the regular waterfowl season. For more information, obtain the 2015 – 2016 Migratory Game Bird Regulations for Waterfowl and Coot Seasons brochure (available in mid-October) or visit Quota permits are not required for these hunts.
  • Youth waterfowl hunts are held on the stormwater treatment areas and on the T.M. Goodwin/Broadmoor Unit.
  • Youth small-game hunts are held at Caravelle Ranch, Ross Prairie and Jennings Forest WMAs. Quota permits are not required for these hunts. Additional information is provided in the specific WMA brochures.
  • Family hunts are offered on many WMAs. These hunts provide opportunities for a permitted supervisor to hunt with up to two youths.
  • Youth spring turkey hunts are held on many WMAs the weekend before the spring turkey season begins. Only those under 16 years old are allowed to harvest a turkey while supervised by an adult, 18 years or older.

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