Women’s Fishing Opportunities

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Did you know that nearly half of new anglers are women?* And on top of that, children are more likely to be introduced to fishing by their mother than their father.**

Whether it’s a seasoned lady angler looking to enhance her already sharp skills or a first-timer dipping a toe into the fishing world, Florida has a fishing opportunity to meet their needs, from women-only fishing tournaments such as the Old Salt Women’s Only Tournament and Ladies Fish Off, to special prizes in Lady Angler divisions of many other tournaments, to organizations like the International Women’s Fishing Association and Nature Coast Lady Anglers, both based in Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has many opportunities for women, children, and men to explore the sport of fishing too. Kids’ Saltwater Fishing Clinics, Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, Youth Saltwater Fishing Camps, Women’s Saltwater Fishing Clinics and Adult Saltwater Fishing Clinics are just a few of the programs available to introduce fishing and responsible marine stewardship to everyone.

FWC’s saltwater fishing clinics are free, one-day educational events that introduce participants to the basics of saltwater fishing and provide education on conserving Florida’s marine resources. These catch-and-release only events are conducted by FWC staff with funding from the Sport Fish Restoration program, a user-pay, public-benefit system that provides millions of dollars in funding each year to enhance fishing opportunities and boating access. Anglers contribute to this federal program by purchasing fishing equipment, motorboat fuel and fishing licenses.

Women’s and Adult Saltwater Fishing Clinics are for those 16 years or older, so moms, feel free to bring your older teenagers along for the fun. Interested in learning more? Visit MyFWC.com/Fishing by clicking on “Saltwater Fishing” and “Outreach and Education Programs.” Questions? Email Marine@MyFWC.com or call the Division of Marine Fisheries Management Outreach and Education subsection at (850) 487-0554.

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