Understanding Recreational Saltwater Traps

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Florida Saltwater Fishing

Recreational anglers can use traps to harvest blue crabs, stone crabs, shrimp and pinfish within state waters of the Gulf or Atlantic. Each licensed (or exempt) recreational angler may fish a maximum of five blue crab traps, five stone crab traps, and four shrimp traps as long as the traps are properly designed and marked. FWC regulations do not limit the number of pinfish traps that can be used and do not require any specific marking to identify the owner of the trap. Design standards and marking requirements are provided on each illustration.

Shrimp traps cannot exceed 3’ X 2’ X 1’ in size, cannot be equipped with external wings, must be marked with the owners name and address, and must be tended by the owner at all times while the traps are deployed. Crab traps and pinfish traps can be fished unattended.

Lost or abandoned traps can be harmful to the environment and can become a significant navigational hazard. All traps should be removed from the water when they are not being fished. Traps cannot be placed within the boundary of any marked navigational channel. For more information, visit MyFWC.com/Fishing and click on “Saltwater” and “Recreational.”