Sport Fish Restoration

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You may not know that by purchasing fishing gear, motorboat fuel and a fishing license, you’re participating in a cycle of success that not only gets you out on the water, but provides fishing opportunities to all who enjoy and appreciate the sport.

The Sport Fish Restoration program (SFR) is a federal “user-pay, public-benefit” system of conservation that uses fees from the purchase of fishing equipment and motorboat fuels for projects to improve recreational fishing and boating opportunities. Funds are distributed to the states based on a formula that includes the number of licensed anglers in the state, so the more people that buy a fishing license, the more SFR funding Florida receives. Plus, your fishing license dollars help provide additional funding needed for all SFR projects.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) receives about $13 million annually from SFR, of which $3 to $4 million supports saltwater sport fish projects and 15 percent funds the creation and maintenance of boating-access points. All because you bought tackle, fueled-up your boat and purchased a fishing license.

Projects supported by SFR in Florida include:

  • Fisheries research
  • Stock enhancement
  • Angler and boater outreach
  • Aquatic resource education
  • Artificial reefs
  • Boating-access improvements

So next time you go fishing, buy tackle, fuel-up your boat, or purchase your fishing license, remember that you contributed to this important program with far-reaching impacts. When you see the SFR logo at a boat launch, know that you made it happen. Thank you for your contribution to conservation. Fishing for the future – that’s something to be excited about! To learn more about Florida’s Sport Fish Restoration Program, visit MyFWC.com/Fishing and click on “Sport Fish Restoration” or visit WSFRprograms.FWS.gov.