Saltwater Angler Recognition

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Florida Saltwater Fishing

Catch a Florida Memory

Submit catches and earn rewards, all while supporting marine fisheries conservation! Catch a Florida Memory encourages anglers to target a diverse array of species while fishing to help reduce fishing pressure on the most commonly sought-after catches. Learn more at CatchaFloridaMemory.com.

Saltwater Grand Slams

Catch three specified fish species in 24 hours from nine categories.

Saltwater Fish Life List

Track your progress at catching 70 species of saltwater fish.

Saltwater Reel Big Fish

Catch memorable-sized saltwater fish in 30 species categories. Anglers must submit a photo of the entire fish on a length measuring device showing that the qualifying length was reached.

Earn Great Prizes!

  • Life List 10-Fish Club; each Grand Slam and Reel Big Fish: Prize pack including certificate, t-shirt and tumbler.
  • Monthly raffles: One automatic entry for each approved submission made in the last three years.
  • Recognition tier prizes: Qualify for multiple Life List Clubs, Grand Slams and Reel Big Fish.
  • Triple Threat Club: Prize pack including certificate, performance shirt and exclusive Triple Threat raffles
  • Grand prizes: Catch all eligible Grand Slams, all Reel Big Fish or all Life List species.

Florida Saltwater Fishing Records

State all-tackle records for the heaviest fishes caught in Florida waters are maintained for 81 marine species in conventional tackle and fly-fishing categories. Successful anglers receive a certificate and custom ink fish print courtesy of Fish Print Shop.


We gratefully acknowledge our generous partners who help provide rewards and recognition: American Integrity Insurance Company, Martin County Office of Tourism, CCA Florida, Mount This Fish Company, Engel Coolers, SeaDek Marine Products, Smith Optics, McLean Angling, Smith’s Consumer Products, Tony Ivory Art and Apparel, Warbird Fishing Gear, Ocean Waves Sunglasses, Fish Print Shop, EGO Fishing, Keep Em Wet Fishing, Bass Assassin, Bottom Candy, Carlos Cardenas – Marine Artist, Reel Local, and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. To become a partner, contact AnglerRecognition@MyFWC.com or 850-487-0554.

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Marley with her Family Grand Slam yellowtail snapper

Saltwater Grand Slam Club


Steven Cason Ash

Dalton L. Avera (2)

Matt Browder

Joshua Brown

Cory Cocita

Mikele Cockman (2)

Robert Connor, Jr

Lathaniel Lee Crews, Jr.

Robert Day

Bryce P. Duffy

Kyle Webster Ellis

James Fetterhoff

Clifton Gagliano (4)

Brandon Guynn

Heath Hall

Robert Davis Hammond

Randall W. Head

James Anthony Johnson

Catherine Longmire (5)

Brett Andrew Louis

George Frank Maddox, III

Kane A. McDermott (3)

Dalton Scott McKee

Capt. Dale C. Melms (2)

Matthew L. Paredes (2)

Patrick S. Pritchard

Kimberly Ritter

Melissa Ann Rodriguez

Bart Rutan (2)

J. Michael Sammartino

Jena K. Schallhorn

Joe Edwin Sheaffer, Jr.

Philip E. Smith

Jason Alan Stanland

Stephen Stubbs (10)

Michael Needam Tyson

Logan Wyatt Watson

Fred Williamson, III


Travis Reed Anderson

Shannon L. Avera

Michael Paul Boggs

Brandon Crotty

Stevie Marie Crotty

David C. Deliere

Myla F. DiPaolo

John H. Dobbins (4)

Clark Georgiades

Jake Georgiades

John Georgiades (5)

Judy Georgiades

Sara Georgiades

Eric J. Gerlak

Dan Goetz

Chad Ketchum

Geoffrey Kiernan

Glenn Pardo

Mary M. Powell

Evan Mikel Rexroat

Melissa A. Rodriguez

Tim Rodriguez

Alexandrea J. Tapley

Steve FL Wilkins

Bay and Estuary:

Eric J. Gerlak

Heath Hall


Saltwater Fish Life List Club

50-Fish Club:

Allison Stattner

30-Fish Club:

Stephen Bouwer

Dan Casey

Matthew Peterson

Andrew Jackson Taylor

10-Fish Club:

Jeff P. Altman, Sr.

Matthew Bertoncini

Stephen Bouwer

Chip Clovis

Corey Cobb

Mikele Cockman

Christaphor Paul Cortopassi

Kelly Jean Cox

Brandon Crotty

Bryce P. Duffy

Parker Fish

Aarik Joseph Ford

Jason D. Garner

Martin Gazo

Rado Gazo

John Georgiades

Shannon Dean Gepford

Cooper L. Goldring

Spencer D. Goldring

Christopher G. Hill

Dennis P. King

Madeleine Krychowecky

JD Malone

Joshua Mars

Harry Louis Mason

Tommy Joe Mincey

Kerry Anna Naughton-Wurl

Robert John Pratte

Robert G. Ricketts

Madelyn Ruble

Lori Jane Schneider

Trevor Joseph Seits

Ethan Molito Smith

Matthew John Smith

Philip Smith

Matthew Jacob St. Martin

Stephen Stubbs

Alexandrea J. Tapley

Andrew Jackson Taylor

Remington Colt Thompson

Yvon Wagner

Anthony James Watson


Saltwater Reel Big Fish Club

Black Drum:

Ron E. Misjak

Florida Pompano:

Remington Colt Thompson

King Mackerel:

Robert Lee Game

Cooper Lane Goldring

Delanie Bae Goldring

Chris Musser

R. Shane Oldham

Teag E. Vann


Katlyn Michelle Paul

Adalynn Grace Cockman

Mutton Snapper:

Thomas J Cimitile

John Georgiades

John Georgiades

Cooper Lane Goldring

Spencer Drake Goldring

Allison Stattner

Red Drum:

Dalton L. Avera (3)

Marc Blanton

Chris Paul Cortopassi

Joshua Damon (2)

David C. Deliere

Darin Detherow

Mike Forta Eady

Matthew J. Fekkers

Clifton C. Gagliano (2)

Sam Giroux

Catherine Longmire

Clay D. Marrs

Emory Metcalf

Eric Payne

Crystal Selover

Joe Edwin Shaeffer, Jr.

Bryon Sean Sineff

Stephen Stubbs

Remington Colt Thompson

Steven Trollinger

Sandra Withers-Kirby

Vince Edward Wray

Chris Arrich


Hugo Gomez


Marc Blanton

Robert Burns

Ryan Chamberlain

Jason D. Garner

Daniel Patterson

Joe Edwin Sheaffer, Jr.

Spotted Seatrout:

Jeff Paul Altman

Zach Tyler Annett

Shannon L. Avera

Robert Blyth

Mikele Cockman

Cooper Kirven

Tim Nelson

Matthew Leonard Paredes (2)

Joe Stoddard

Stephen Stubbs (4)

Anthony James Watson

Steven Wayne Wetherington, Jr.

Joseph Wolter


Eli Parks

Yellowtail Snapper:

John Georgiades


Triple Threat Club

Have attained a Grand Slam, Reel Big Fish & Life List Club

William S. Davidson Jr.

Matthew Batchelor

Eric J. Gerlak

Trevor Wayne Hall

Kevin Russell Burkhead, Jr.

Billy Grant

Dave Lunsford

Dan Casey

John H. Dobbins

Clifton C. Gagliano

Drew Serraes

Matthew Johnson

Katlyn M. Paul

Ethan Sonnenberg

Michael (Soloyaker) Taylor

Joshua Damon

Michael Nathan Gibson

Tony Hart

Capt. Ken Lai

Catherine Longmire

Eric Todd Anderson

Dalton L. Avera

Michael D. Yannick

Mike Boggs

Greg John Knothe

Allison M. Stattner

John Georgiades

Sandra Withers-Kirby

Stephen Stubbs

David C. Deliere

Steven Trollinger

Melissa Ann Rodriguez

Travis Reed Anderson


Florida Saltwater Fishing Record Recipients

Clayton Fridell – Red Porgy