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Catch a Florida Memory

Catch a Florida Memory rewards anglers for their fishing achievements while supporting marine fisheries conservation. These programs encourage anglers to target a diverse array of species during fishing trips to help decrease fishing pressure on the most commonly sought-after catches. Whether you are new to fishing or a seasoned expert, Catch a Florida Memory is sure to add some excitement to any day out on the water. Learn more and submit catches at CatchaFloridaMemory.com.

Saltwater Grand Slams

An FWC Grand Slam is catching three specified fish species in a 24-hour period. There are nine Grand Slam categories, from Inshore (red drum, spotted seatrout and flounder) to Blue Water (dolphinfish, sailfish and wahoo), and even a Small Fry Grand Slam for youth age 15 and under (pinfish, catfish and grunt). Successful anglers are not only awarded a certificate and t-shirt, but also receive recognition for every three or more different Grand Slams submitted and win a grand prize if all eligible slams are caught.

Saltwater Fish Life List

Similar to a birding life list, the Saltwater Fish Life List allows anglers to track their progress at catching 70 species of saltwater fish. Anglers are rewarded for their achievements as they reach 10, 30, 50 and 70-Fish Club milestones. Plus, anglers who complete their Life List by submitting all 70 fish get a grand prize!

Saltwater Reel Big Fish

Anglers are rewarded for catching memorable-sized saltwater fish in 30 different Reel Big Fish species categories. To qualify, fish must be legally caught and meet or exceed a minimum qualifying length. A photo of the fish on a length measuring device must be submitted, in addition to a photo of the angler with the fish. Successful anglers are awarded a certificate and t-shirt, as well as additional prizes for catching five, 10, 15 and 30 different Reel Big Fish species. Anglers who submit all 30 species get a grand prize!

NEW Triple Threat Club

This new club rewards anglers who have at least one application approved for each Catch a Florida Memory program (Grand Slams, Life List and Reel Big Fish). In addition to receiving a long sleeve performance fishing shirt custom designed by partner Tony Ivory, Triple Threat Club anglers also have the chance to win exclusive prizes. In fall 2018, the Martin County Office of Tourism and the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina in Stuart partnered to provide the perfect escape for lucky angler Michael “Soloyaker” Taylor, including three nights for two at the beautiful 200-acre resort, meals arranged and provided at various local restaurants, and a Martin County welcome bag. Submit your catches to all three Catch a Florida Memory programs for your chance to with the next Triple Threat Club prize giveaway!

Florida Saltwater Fishing Records

State all-tackle records for the heaviest fishes caught in Florida waters are maintained for 81 marine species in both conventional tackle and fly-fishing categories. Successful anglers receive a certificate and custom ink fish print courtesy of Fish Print Shop. Catches must be made according to Florida Saltwater Fishing Records program rules. As of Jan. 1, 2019, four new species were added to the program — blueline tilefish, schoolmaster, white grunt and red porgy. Catches for these newly-added species must be made on or after Jan. 1, 2019, to qualify. So go fishing and catch a record!

Monthly Raffle Drawings

Successful Catch a Florida Memory participants are automatically entered into monthly raffle drawings for each verified submission made to the program in the last three years. Winners are randomly selected, and prizes include fish mounts from Mount This Fish Company, sunglasses from Smith Optics, rods and reels from the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, fillet knives from Smith’s Consumer Products, fishing gear from Live to Fish, nets and hats from EGO Fishing and gift certificates from Ocean Waves Sunglasses.

Program Requirements

  • All submitted fish must have been caught by the angler applying for recognition.
  • Anglers must follow Florida saltwater recreational fishing regulations.
  • Fish do not have to be harvested and we encourage catch-and-release fishing.
  • Anglers must provide photographs of themselves with each fish submitted.
  • Reel Big Fish applications must include a photo of fish on a length measuring device.
  • Use proper fish handling techniques to minimize stress on fish. Learn more at MyFWC.com/Fishing by clicking on “Saltwater,” “Recreational” and “Fish Handling.”


Contributions from our generous partners help provide rewards and recognition for program participants. We gratefully acknowledge our partners: Martin County Office of Tourism, Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort, CCA Florida, Mount This Fish Company, Smith Optics, McLean Angling, Smith’s Consumer Products, Live to Fish, Tony Ivory Art and Apparel, Warbird Fishing Gear, Ocean Waves Sunglasses, Fish Print Shop, EGO Fishing, Keep Em Wet Fishing, Bass Assassin, Bottom Candy, Carlos Cardenas – Marine Artist, Reel Local, and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. To become a partner, contact AnglerRecognition@MyFWC.com or 850-487-0554.

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Saltwater Fish Life List Club Recipients

30-Fish Club:

Adam J. Ball

Allison Stattner

Dennis Triana

Michael D. Yannick

Rosemary J. White

10-Fish Club:

Adam J. Ball

Adrian Patrick Stanfill

Alex Gaus

Alexander Lee Jacobson

Anthony J. Cetrangelo, Jr.

Arthur Bernhardt

Benjamin W. Kirby

Billy Grant

Brad Fontaine

Chris Clark

Christine M. Fleeman

Christopher L. Gorman

Cindy McGee

Clifton Charles Gagliano

Dale Carl Melms

Daryn Andrew White

David C. Deliere

David Mark Sager

Dennis Triana

Edward S. Hicks

Ernesto Plasencia

Ethan White

Evan James Sager

Gabriel Kamal Bahra

Garrett Scott Kemp

Garrison H. Fairhurst

Greg John Knothe

Jeff Pedersen

John J. Jenkins

John J. Wilmoth

Joshua Damon

Justin Caleb Walker

Kathy Gillen

Kristian Aquino

Lee Grove

Maddi Lyn Kight

Matt Phillips

Melissa Ann Rodriguez

Michael Arn

Michael Ball

Michael W. Harrington

Michael Jay Woodie

Michael Ryan Rudell

Peter Francis Robinson

Phil Alexander Hammer

Raphael Acosta

Robert Rovinski

Rosemary J. White

Sandra H. Withers-Kirby

Sean O’Neil

Sean Wray

Stephen J. Cooney, III

Steven Trollinger

Thomas Kent Grauer, Jr.

Thomas Kiger

Thomas Alexander Lloyd

Tim Rodriguez


Travis Reed Anderson

Troy Andrew Kurtz

William Eugene Schmidt, Dr.


Florida Saltwater Fishing Records Recipients

Rick Whitley – Bluefin Tuna

Joseph Cornelius Murphy, III – Vermilion Snapper (on fly)

Larry T. Finch – Kingfish (whiting)

Ethan Pillitteri – Hardhead Catfish

Allen Escuage – Ladyfish


Saltwater Reel Big Fish Club Recipients

Black Drum:

Traesyn Mathas Carroll

Black Sea Bass:

Matthew T.R Johnson


Robert Grundwald

Crevalle Jack:

Jason Coston

Max Lichtig

Florida Pompano:

Richard Stone Lendino

Gray/Mangrove Snapper:

Katlyn Michelle Paul

Nathan Gibson

Greater Amberjack:

Michael Yannick

Robert Grundwald

King Mackerel:

Alexander David Torres

Allison Stattner

Caeley Alexis Parish

Trenton Allen Daniel


Drew John Serraes

Mutton Snapper:

Trevor Wayne Hall

Red Drum:

Anetta Sookhdeo

Angie Arrich

Ben McCarty

Bill Weisharr

Billy Grant

Blake Davis

Carol Denheyer

Cayden Karppe

Charles Land

Chris Moberly

Clifton C. Gagliano (4)

Dave Lunsford

David James Galasso

Elijah Booten

Elijah Cox

Eric J. Gerlak (2)

Ethan Sonnenberg

Gabriel Bahra

Gavin Thomas Grauer

Greg John Knothe

Griffin Kirby

Jason Ronald Coston

Justin James Bowden

Koby Booten

Melissa A. Rodriguez (2)

Mike Boggs

Nicholas David Galasso (2)

Patty Wilson

Richard Manning

Ryder Karppe

Savannah Land

Stacy Bauer

Thomas Kent Grauer

Travis Reed Anderson

Daniel Rex


Douglas James Millard


Alec Blayne Schmitz

Cayden Karppe

Danny Gibbs

Drew Serraes

Elijah Cox

Gabriel Bahra (2)

George S. Applegate

Jackson Webster

Jason Ronald Coston

Jason D. Garner

Jason T. Lette

Kai Wayland Hobbs

Max Lichtig

Melissa A. Rodriguez

Mike E Hawthorne

Ryan Spinelli (2)

Shawn Robert Blanton

Spotted Seatrout:

Billy Grant

Blake Stenstrom

Carl Douglas Wilhite

Drew Serraes

Eric Todd Anderson

Gabriel Bahra

Joe Stoddard

John H. Dobbins

Joshua Damon

Richard Manning

Stephen Stubbs (2)

Shannon D. Swindal

Yellowtail Snapper:

Ryan Michael Milder


Saltwater Grand Slam Club Recipients

Tier 1 Recognition:

Dan Casey

Small Fry:

Ethan Sonnenberg

Joshua Atkinson

Mason Zimmer

Rylan J. Larkin

The Tarpon Master

Blue Water:

Richard Allen Timmons


Wade Reynold Mayberry


Jewels Danyael Grant

Bay & Estuary:

Dan Casey

Kyle Adam Miller

Ryan McKenna


Alex Gaus

Alexandre Fernandes Vieira

Alicia Suesanna Radtke

Ashwin Reddykotha

Billy Grant

Bobby Kegley

Brenda Griffies

Bryant Heard

Charles Hugh Griffies

Christopher R. Roy

Chuck Griffies

Clifton Gagliano (4)

Dale Carl Melms (2)

Dan Casey

Dana Thrower

Deacon James Boone

Duncan Edward Foster

Eric Todd Anderson

Hillary Schroeter

John H. Olenik

Joshua Damon (6)

Larry Bechan

Logan Gornick

Mia Dela Cruz

Michael Brinson

Mike Boggs

Mikele Cockman

Nathan Gibson (2)

Nathaniel Glenn Simmons

Nicholas David Galasso

Noah Benjamin Haring

Robert Walters

Roger Jie Gilbreth

Ronald Bernhard

Ryan C. Meo

Scott Rozier

Stephen Stubbs

Steve Wilkins

Warren Fleeman

Wayne Robert Thomann

William Frank Gerspacher


Addie LaRiviere (2)

Adrian Stanfill

Alan C. Pickard

Alexander Jacobson

Allison M. Stattner

Benjamin Kirby

Caden Reece Brooks

Christina Vicidomini

Christine Fleeman

Christopher K. Perry

Clifton C. Gagliano (10)

Cori Walters

Courtney Copeland

Dan Casey (2)

Dana Thrower

Daniel Valois Gomez

David Ferguson (5)

Dean Durik

Dennis Triana

Drew Serraes (4)

Edward S. Hicks

Eric J. Gerlak (2)

Gloria Ferguson

Greg John Knothe

Heath Hall

Jason Cue (3)

John Georgiades (2)

Jorge Plasencia

Josh Divine (2)

Joshua Brown

Joshua Damon

Katlyn M. Paul

Ken Schnorr

Lee Grove

Maddi Lyn Kight

Marley K. Larkin

Matt Divine (2)

Matt Phillips

Matthew Batchelor (3)

Matthew Serraes (2)

Michael D. Yannick (2)

Michael Paul Boggs

Mike F. Boyer

Nate Durik

Ryan McKenna

Ryan Spinelli (2)

Rylan J. Larkin (2)

Sandra Withers-Kirby

Scott Hicks

Sean O’Neil

Steven Paul Chase

Steven Rhea Trollinger (2)

Timothy Lee Aldridge

Traesyn Mathas Carroll

Trevor Hall