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Catch a Florida Memory –

Catch a Florida Memory when you participate in one of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs. These programs are designed to entice anglers to get involved in conservation and learn more about Florida’s diverse marine resources while adding to an exciting day out on the water.

Catch a Florida Memory programs reward anglers for their fishing efforts, cultivate saltwater fishing interest in new anglers, enhance the experience for seasoned veterans already hooked on fishing, and support marine resource conservation. They also encourage anglers to target more than one species during fishing trips, thereby decreasing fishing pressure on any given species. Learn more and submit catches at CatchaFloridaMemory.com.

Clay Marrs and friends show how to measure a Reel Big Red Drum.

Saltwater Grand Slams

An FWC Grand Slam is catching three specified fish species in a 24-hour period. Grand Slams help increase the diversity of fish species targeted on fishing trips and recognize anglers for their achievements. Successful anglers will not only be awarded a certificate and t-shirt, but will also receive recognition for every three or more different Grand Slams submitted and will win a Grand Prize if all eligible slams are caught.

9 Grand Slam Categories:

  • Inshore Grand Slam – red drum, spotted seatrout, flounder
  • Florida Grand Slam – permit, tarpon, bonefish
  • Family Grand Slam – any three fish in the same scientific family (i.e. three snapper species)
  • Shoreline Grand Slam – sheepshead, kingfish (whiting), Florida pompano
  • Bay & Estuary Grand Slam – mangrove (gray) snapper, snook, Spanish mackerel
  • Nearshore Grand Slam – cobia, tripletail, king mackerel
  • Reefs & Rubble Grand Slam – black sea bass, gag, gray triggerfish
  • Blue Water Grand Slam – dolphinfish, sailfish, wahoo
  • Small Fry Grand Slam – pinfish, catfish, grunt (only for ages 15 and under)

Recognition Tiers:

  • 3 different Grand Slams
  • 6 different Grand Slams
  • All eligible Grand Slams – Grand Slam Master Angler

Remington Thompson with a Spanish mackerel (part of the Bay & Estuary Grand Slam).

Saltwater Fish Life List

Similar to a birding life list, the new Saltwater Fish Life List allows anglers to track their progress at catching 71 particular species of saltwater fish. Anglers will be recognized for their achievements as they reach each of the four levels based upon the number of different fish caught, beginning with a certificate and t-shirt awarded to 10-Fish Club anglers.

Recognition Tiers:

  • 10 Fish Club
  • 30 Fish Club
  • 50 Fish Club
  • 71 Fish Club – Life List Master Angler

Saltwater Reel Big Fish

This size-based program rewards anglers who catch a memorable-sized saltwater fish in 30 different species categories. To qualify, fish must be legally caught and meet or exceed a minimum qualifying length. A photo of the fish on a measuring device must be submitted, in addition to a photo of the angler with the fish. Successful anglers will not only be awarded a certificate and t-shirt, but will also receive recognition for reaching each of the four levels based on the total number of different Reel Big Fish species achieved.

Recognition Tiers:

  • 5 different species
  • 10 different species
  • 15 different species
  • All 30 different species – Reel Big Master Angler

Florida Saltwater Fishing Records

State all-tackle records for the heaviest fishes caught in Florida waters are maintained for 77 marine species in both conventional tackle and fly fishing categories. Successful anglers receive a certificate for their achievement, not to mention bragging rights. Catches must be made according to FWC and IGFA angling rules.

Monthly Raffle Drawings

Successful Catch a Florida Memory participants are automatically entered into monthly raffle drawings for each verified program submission made. Winners are randomly selected and prizes include landing nets courtesy of McLean Angling, rods and reels courtesy of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, fillet knives courtesy of Smith’s Consumer Products, fishing gear courtesy of Live to Fish, fish art courtesy of Fish Print Shop and gift certificates from other partners.

Program Requirements

  • All submitted fish must have been caught by the angler applying for recognition.
  • Anglers must follow Florida saltwater recreational fishing regulations.
  • Fish do not have to be harvested and we encourage catch-and-release fishing.
  • Anglers must provide photographs of themselves with each fish submitted.
  • Applications for Reel Big Fish must include a photo of the fish on a length measuring device.
  • Use proper fish handling techniques to minimize stress on fish. Learn more at MyFWC.com/Fishing by clicking on “Saltwater,” “Recreational” and “Fish Handling.”


Contributions from our generous partners help provide recognition and prizes for program participants. We gratefully acknowledge our partners: McLean Angling, Smith’s Consumer Products, Live to Fish, Tony Ivory Art and Apparel, Warbird Fishing Gear, Ocean Waves Sunglasses, Fish Print Shop, Martin County, EGO Fishing, Keep Em Wet Fishing, and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. To become a partner, visit CatchaFloridaMemory.com/Partners or contact AnglerRecognition@MyFWC.com.

Connect with Us

For more information on FWC’s Catch a Florida Memory – Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs and to submit catches, visit CatchaFloridaMemory.com. Like and follow us on Facebook.com/CatchaFLMemory to view angler photos and get updates on the latest submissions. View fishing how-to videos and more on our FWC Saltwater Fishing YouTube channel at MyFWC.com/SaltwaterFishing.

Ron Little with the redfish from his Inshore Grand Slam.


Saltwater Fish Life List Club Recipients

10-Fish Club:

Dawson A. Alvarez
Dalton L. Avera
Amy Bueschel
Kevin R. Burkhead Jr.
Marlo Amber Cobb
Elkins W. Dahle
Heidi Feinberg
Brooks C. Ferrante
Brian Fimbel
Trey Fleeman
Matthew Hamilton
Mark David Huyett
Matthew Johnson
Kevin Kemp
Kyle Seth Leonard
Roy Magnuson
Leann Marvel
Stephen P. McGee Jr
Jack J. Nelson
Matthew Peterson
Daniel R. Peterson
Evan Mikel Rexroat
Devin Sanderson
Gary Shaw
Angelia C. Swanson
Dana E. Thrower
James Whitaker
Tom Berg
Christopher Allen Bishop
William Burrows
Daniel Gibbs
Trevor Wayne Hall
William Martin Hunkapiller II
Rick Zack
Nathan Gibson
Sean Patrick Lawless

30-Fish Club:

Mike Boggs
Kevin Council
Eric J. Gerlak
Matthew T.R. Johnson
Devin Sanderson
Christopher Allen Bishop
B.J. Bueschel


Florida Saltwater Fishing Records Recipients Lewis Sapp – Almaco Jack


Saltwater Grand Slam Club Recipients

Tier 1 Recognition:

Eric J. Gerlak

Small Fry Grand Slam:

Easton Gage Thompson

Remington Colt Thompson (2)

Inshore Grand Slam:

Dalton L. Avera (2)
Matthew Batchelor
Kevin Council
Michael Craig Dawson
Aris Clarke Ford Jr
Connor Wayne Geiger
Nathan Gibson
Jon Hall
Brandon Hite
Dale C. Melms
Christopher Scott Moore
Gary Shaw
David F. Smith
Michael Soloyaker Taylor
Dana Thrower
Dana Elizabeth Thrower
Savannah Tucker
Ken Van Doren
Todd Wilson
Bob Blalock
Joshua Damon (4)
Jaceten Heath Dean
Clifton C. Gagliano (3)
Larry Haines
Thomas Miller
David Pochatek
Timothy Sadler
Stephen Stubbs

Family Grand Slam:

Drake Booth
Stephen Bouwer
Kristin Bouwer
Kevin Russell Burkhead Jr.
Kevin Burkhead Sr.
Kevin M. Council (2)
John H. Dobbins (2)
Clark Georgiades
John M. Georgiades (4)
Edward S. Hicks
Matthew Johnson (2)
Daniel Richard Peterson
Matthew John Peterson
Michael Soloyaker Taylor
Andy R. Thompson
Easton Gage Thompson
Andy Ray Thompson Jr.
Remington Colt Thompson
Dana Elizabeth Thrower (2)
Shannon L. Avera
Dalton L. Avera
Marlo Amber Cobb
Joshua Damon (2)
Trey Fleeman
Adrianne Nichole Kovach
Cindy McGee
John S. Soeder III

Bay & Estuary Grand Slam

Kevin Russell Burkhead Jr
Eric J. Gerlak

Blue Water Grand Slam

Brandon Edaward Hite


Saltwater Reel Big Fish Club Recipients

Red Drum

Dalton L. Avera (4)
Heather Melissa Carroll
Craig Domko
Matthew J. Fekkers
Chris Kettler
Clay Marrs
Leann Marvel
Katlyn M. Paul (2)
Devin S. Paul
Matt Preston
Savannah Tucker
Gary W. Wall
Joshua Damon
Jaceten Heath Dean
Kody Alan Glass
Shannon D Swindal
Lucas Williams
John Franklin Williams

Spanish Mackerel

Easton Gage Thompson (2)
Remington Colt Thompson (2)
Andy Ray Thompson Jr.
Traesyn Mathas Carroll
Emmett Miles Hensley

Mutton Snapper

John Georgiades (2)
Quranda Johnson


Bryon Sean Sineff
Robert Alexander Tucker
Josh Urban

Spotted Seatrout

Dalton L. Avera
Ethan Sonnenberg
Eric Todd Anderson
Traesyn Mathas Carroll
Michael Soloyaker Taylor
Lucas Williams
Stephen Stubbs


Landon Jackson Hall
Delaney Kemp

Black Drum

Easton Gage Thompson (3)
Remington Colt Thompson (4)
Dalton L. Avera

Black Sea Bass

Michael Nathan Gibson

Gray Triggerfish

Matthew S. Batchelor


Bridget Shelby McGee

Yellowtail Snapper

John Georgiades


Traesyn Mathas Carroll


Bryan Basile