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Saltwater Angler Recognition Program

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Florida Saltwater Fishing

Catch a Florida Memory –

Saltwater Angler Recognition

Catch a Florida Memory when you participate in one of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs. These programs entice anglers to get involved and learn more about Florida’s diverse marine resources while adding to an exciting day out on the water.

Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs reward anglers for their fishing efforts, cultivate saltwater fishing interest in new anglers, enhance the experience for seasoned veterans already hooked on fishing, and support marine resource conservation. They also encourage anglers to target more than one species during fishing trips, thereby decreasing fishing pressure on any given species.

FWC recently unveiled two new Saltwater Angler Recognition programs, the Saltwater Fish Life List and Saltwater Reel Big Fish, plus extra recognition tiers for completing multiple Saltwater Grand Slams. With all these new opportunities to Catch a Florida Memory, there’s something for every angler to enjoy in Florida. Learn more and submit catches at

Saltwater Grand Slams

An FWC Grand Slam is catching three specified fish species in a 24-hour period. Grand Slams increase the diversity of fish species targeted on fishing trips and recognize anglers for their achievements. Successful anglers will not only be awarded a certificate, letter and t-shirt, but will also receive recognition for every three or more different Grand Slams submitted and will win a Grand Prize if all eligible slams are caught.


9 Grand Slam Categories:

  • Inshore Grand Slam – red drum, spotted seatrout, flounder
  • Florida Grand Slam – permit, tarpon, bonefish
  • Family Grand Slam – any three fish in the same scientific family (i.e. three snapper species)
  • Shoreline Grand Slam – sheepshead, kingfish (whiting), Florida pompano
  • Bay & Estuary Grand Slam – mangrove (gray) snapper, snook, Spanish mackerel
  • Nearshore Grand Slam – cobia, tripletail, king mackerel
  • Reefs & Rubble Grand Slam – black sea bass, gag, gray triggerfish
  • Blue Water Grand Slam – dolphinfish, sailfish, wahoo
  • Small Fry Grand Slam – pinfish, catfish, grunt (only for ages 15 and under)

Recognition Tiers:

  • 3 different Grand Slams
  • 6 different Grand Slams
  • All eligible Grand Slams – Grand Slam Master Angler

    Saltwater Grand Slam Club Recipients
    Tier 1 Recognition Club – 3 different Grand Slams:

    Steven C. Seagraves (Inshore, Family, Bay & Estuary)

    Family Grand Slam:

    Bonnie Hawksley (2)

    Jacob Lugo

    Kurt Pusczan

    Matthew Hamilton

    Nate Durik

    Oleksii Nesin

    Peyton Thomas Peterson

    Steven Seagraves

    Inshore Grand Slam:

    Ambers Carter

    Ben Bumgardner

    Brittany Smith

    Candace B. Hill

    Catherine Longmire (3)

    Christian Potter

    Craig Mallison

    Dana Thrower

    Dave Lunsford

    Henric Brockmann

    James Waters

    Jeffery Phillips

    Jeremy Cook

    Justin R. Duncklee

    Justin Rahmes

    Katy Blomgren

    Mark Dennis Pritchard

    Marlene Guy

    Mike Kachman

    Patrick Stage

    Rick Warner

    Sam Sexton

    Shane Garner

    Tony Hart

    Florida Grand Slam:

    Tammy Hedspeth

    Small Fry Grand Slam:

    Katerina P Gerlak

Saltwater Fish Life List

Similar to a birding life list, the new Saltwater Fish Life List allows anglers to track their progress at catching 71 particular species of saltwater fish. Anglers will be recognized for their achievements as they reach four levels based upon the number of different fish caught.

Recognition Tiers:

  • 10 Fish Club
  • 30 Fish Club
  • 50 Fish Club
  • 71 Fish Club – Life List Master Angler

Saltwater Reel Big Fish

This size-based program rewards anglers who catch a memorable-sized saltwater fish in 30 different species categories. To qualify, fish must be legally caught and meet or exceed a minimum qualifying length. A photo of the fish on a measuring device must be submitted, in addition to a photo of the angler with the fish. Successful anglers will not only receive a certificate, letter and t-shirt, but will also receive recognition for reaching four levels based upon the total number of different species entered into the program.

Recognition Tiers:

  • 5 different species
  • 10 different species
  • 15 different species
  • All 30 different species – Reel Big Master Angler

    Saltwater Reel Big Fish Club Recipients
    Greater Amberjack:

    Maya Isabella Itzkovitz

    Red Drum:

    Anthony Watson

    Catherine Longmire

    Dana Fawn Griffith Hood

    Jeremy M Summers

    Katina Zaros

    Kevin Burkhead Jr

    Marty Mood

    Russ Harper

    Tony Hart

    William S Davidson Jr.

    Spotted Seatrout:

    Capt. Ken Lai

    Corey DeVaughn

    Dave Lunsford

    Kristin Southerland

    Marty Mood

    Shane Garner

    Stephen Stubbs (2)

    Steven C. Seagraves

    Tim Stouder

    Melanie Wofford


    Daniel Gibbs

    Michael (Soloyaker) Taylor

    Red Grouper:

    Kurt Schirmer

    Yellowtail Snapper:

    Brock Mason

Florida Saltwater Fishing Records

State all-tackle records for the heaviest fishes caught in Florida waters are maintained for 76 marine species in both conventional tackle and fly fishing categories. Successful anglers will receive a certificate for their achievement, not to mention bragging rights. Catches must be made according to FWC and IGFA angling rules.

Saltwater Fish Life List Club Recipients – 10 Fish Club

Allison M. Stattner

Catherine Longmire

Chance Murphy

Dan Casey

Dave Lunsford

Destiny Murphy

Ed Stell

Eric J Gerlak

Erin Murphy

Eszter Keresztes

Jim Walker

John Dobbins

Katina Zaros

Keith Wohltman

Kurt Schirmer

Lois Osborn

Matthew Daugherty

Nikki Murphy

Noel Castellano

River Torres

Sean McElmurray

Thomas Dolan

Trey Wheeler

William S Davidson Jr

Program Requirements

  • The angler being recognized must catch all submitted fish.
  • Anglers must follow Florida saltwater recreational fishing regulations.
  • Fish do not have to be harvested and we encourage catch-and-release fishing.
  • Anglers must submit photographs of themselves with each fish.
  • Use proper fish handling techniques to minimize stress on fish. Learn more at by clicking on “Saltwater,” “Recreational” and “Fish Handling.”


Contributions from our generous partners help provide recognition and prizes for program participants. We gratefully acknowledge our partners: Smith’s Consumer Products, Tony Ivory Art and Apparel, Warbird Fishing Gear and Ocean Waves Sunglasses. To become a partner, visit or contact

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For more information on FWC’s Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs and to submit catches, visit Like and follow us on to view angler photos and get updates on the latest submissions. View fishing how-to videos and more on our FWC Saltwater Fishing YouTube channel