Message from the Director

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Florida Saltwater Fishing

Life is busy. Our days are often packed with so much to do that even finding a few minutes to enjoy fishing ishard. So, when the FWC schedules an in-person workshop in your area, sometimes, you just can’t make it.

We understand.

That is why we are trying to make it easier for you to provide your comments, from webpages to virtual workshops.

Science can tell us a lot, but it can’t tell us what you see and what you want.

Maybe something is happening where you fish that is unique to your region. Maybe you like to fish for a species we don’t do a stock assessment on. Maybe your favorite species has been doing well for years, and then, suddenly, it’s not.

Tell us about it on our new Saltwater Comments webpage at MyFWC.com/SaltwaterComments.

This page is an easy way to communicate what you are seeing to staff, and it is also a great place to find out what the Division of Marine Fisheries Management is working on currently and plans to work on in the near future.

Staff have read and reviewed every one of the more than 4,000 comments submitted so far via the commenting form at the bottom of the webpage.

Want the details of an in-person workshop, but can’t make it? Check out our workshops page to see if you can participate online. On-demand, virtual workshops were created last year for goliath grouper and spotted seatrout. At minimum, the Power Point presentation given at the workshop is almost always posted online for you to review.

Prefer an in-person workshop? FWC works hard to schedule workshops that are within a reasonable driving distance of areas that may be most impacted by future changes. In 2017, staff hosted an unprecedented number of in-person workshops across the state in effort to gather firsthand public input on a variety of species including snapper, cobia, goliath grouper, spotted seatrout and bay scallops.

Learn more about in-person and on-demand workshops by visiting MyFWC.com/Fishing and clicking on “Saltwater Fishing” and “Public Comments/Workshops.”

Remember, Florida’s recreational and commercial fishers are on the front lines day in and day out.

Your input plays a huge role in how fisheries are managed. Tell us what you think.