Crustaceans & Mollusks

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Florida Saltwater Fishing

H Spearing Prohibited

Must remain in whole condition (removal of gills and guts allowed).

u Measured as total length. Total length is the straight line distance from the most forward part of the head with the mouth closed to the farthest tip of the tail with the tail compressed or squeezed together while the fish is lying on its side.

n State regulations apply in federal waters.

l Additional gear rules apply, please see: MyFWC.com

T Harvest prohibited by or with the use of any multiple hook (any hook with two or more points and a common shaft) in conjunction with live or dead natural bait.

X Gulf reef fish survey required when fishing for selected reef species from a private vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.

Issued: June 2019
New regulations are highlighted in red
Regulations apply to state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic
(please visit: MyFWC.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Recreational for the most current regulations)

All art: © Diane Rome Peebles, except snowy grouper (Duane Raver)

Bay Scallopsl

  • Gulf County: Aug. 16-Sept. 15, 2019
  • Franklin-NW Taylor & Levy-Hernando: July 1- Sept. 24 , 2019
  • SW Taylor – Dixie: June 15 – Sept. 10, 2019
  • Pasco County: July 19 – 28, 2019
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • 2 gallons whole or 1 pint meat per harvester; no more than 10 gallons whole, or ½ gallon meat per vessel anytime
  • Harvest allowed only in state waters of the Gulf of Mexico from the Pinellas – Pasco county line, to the west bank of the Mexico Beach Canal in Bay County. Direct transit through closed areas permitted.


Closed Season:
  • April & May closed in Nassau, Duval, St. Johns, Putnam, Flagler & Clay counties
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • 5 gallons heads on per harvester or vessel, whichever is less
  • Visit: MyFWC.com/Fishing and select “Saltwater”, “Regulations” and “Shrimp” for additional regulations specific to Dade, Nassau and Duval

Spiny LobsterH

Minimum Size Limit:
  • Carapace must be greater than 3″ measured in the water
  • Sport Season open July 24-25, 2019
  • Regular Season opens Aug. 6 through March 31
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • Sport Season: 6 per harvester per day in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park, 12 in all other harvest areas.
  • Regular Season: 6 per harvester in all areas
  • Recreational trapping prohibited. Spiny lobster permit required when license required. Harvest of egg-bearing females prohibited.

Clams (Hard)l

Minimum Size Limits:
  • 1″ thick across hinge
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • One 5 gal. bucket per harvester or 2 per vessel (whole in shell)
  • Illegal to harvest from closed areas.
  • Go to www.FloridaAquaculture.com for allowable harvesting areas.
  • May not harvest half hour after official sunset until half hour before official sunrise.

Crab, StoneH n

Minimum Size Limits:
  • 2 ¾” claw
Closed Season:
  • May 16–Oct. 14
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • 1 gal. claws per harvester or 2 gal. per vessel, whichever is less
  • 5 traps maximum. Visit MyFWC.com for statewide trap construction requirements and specific requirements that apply in Miami-Dade, Monroe and Collier. Illegal to possess whole crab. Harvest of egg-bearing crabs prohibited. See how to properly de-claw on our website.

Crab, BlueH

Closed Season:
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • 10 gallons whole per harvester
  • 5 traps maximum. Trap requirements apply. Harvest of egg-bearing crabs prohibited.


Minimum Size Limit:
  • 3″
Closed Season:
  • June, July, Aug. in Dixie, Wakulla, Levy counties.
  • July, Aug., Sept. in all other areas except Apalachicola Bay which has open areas year-round.
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
  • 2 bags per harvester or vessel except Apalachicola Bay
  • Apalachicola Bay: special bag limits and other harvest restrictions apply. See MyFWC.com for detailed information.
  • Apalachicola Bay has summer & winter seasons/areas.
  • Harvest from approved shellfish areas during daylight hours only.
  • Go to FloridaAquaculture.com to determine the Open or Closed status of shellfish harvesting areas.
  • May not harvest half hour after official sunset until half hour before official sunrise.
  • 1 Bag = 60 lbs. or two 5 gal. buckets (whole in shell)
  • Harvest prohibited in any harvest area that is in the Closed status as determined by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • Bay County: Harvest and possession prohibited in West Bay Estuarine Habitat Restoration Project Zone