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Message from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioners

As Commissioners, we are always impressed by Florida’s conservation-minded anglers. Anglers that care not only about catching a big fish, but those who are out in the resource day in and day out and want to make sure our fisheries and their habitats are top notch. We see it in the way anglers fish, and their increasing use of tools and methods that help ensure released fish go on to live, reproduce, and be caught another day. When concerns arise about a fishery, they take action and turn out for important issues at our workshops, Commission meetings, and on our online commenting portal at MyFWC.com/SaltwaterComments. We see it in the way you contribute to conservation efforts like Sport Fish Restoration, a national user-pay, public-benefit program that supports the creation of artificial reefs, boat ramps, educational programs, research and more through funds gathered when anglers purchase tackle, fishing licenses and motorboat fuel. We see it when you take the time to talk to researchers at the dock and return surveys that inform fishery stock assessments and management. And we see it when you advocate for conservation of fisheries like blackfin tuna. Based on angler requests, the Commission recently approved new recreational limits for blackfin tuna. Florida’s anglers are FWC’s eyes and ears on the water, letting us know when and where issues might be arising. We hear from anglers all the time about how important it is not only to be able to have access to fishing, but to have fisheries that are abundant and healthy. And for that, we thank you Florida anglers. You are the reason Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.

For more information, contact the FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management at Marine@MyFWC.com or 850-487-0554.