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Resilient Florida Fisheries Continue to Impress

Resilient. Diverse. World Class. These are the words that come to mind when thinking about Florida’s fisheries.

No matter if it’s the East coast, West coast, Panhandle or the Keys, opportunities to fish are everywhere, from shoreline, inshore grass flats, or offshore.

Florida is a world class fishing destination and we want you to experience it all.

Every day, our scientists, conservation officers and stakeholders are dedicated to the successful management of Florida’s fisheries.

All of us working together, along with the resiliency of our fisheries, continue to make Florida the Fishing Capital of the World as we recover from natural disasters such as Hurricane Michael.

Introduce someone to the lifetime sport of fishing. Gain recognition by participating in one of our popular Catch a Florida Memory programs.

Generation after generation has used fishing in Florida as a way to bring families together and to connect to the treasured natural resources throughout Florida.