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Commissioner’s Message

Do you know the easiest thing you can do to ensure that our great Florida fishing will continue for future generations?

It’s simple: Purchase a Florida Fishing License. Whether an annual, five-year, or lifetime resident, or a short-term or annual non-resident, your purchase is an important investment in the future of fishing. Licenses tells how you can purchase your license conveniently by phone, using our new mobile phone app, on-line, or from our many vendors around the state.

The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida launched the “I DO” campaign to increase public awareness of how fishing license dollars help the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission manage and protect our valuable fisheries. Boat ramps, fish stocking, urban fishing ponds, and fishing programs for youth and families are just some of the programs funded by fishing licenses. A key message of “I DO” is everyone can help by buying a license even if you don’t need one due to your age or other exemption. Each fishing license purchased also enables Florida to secure additional funding for fish research and management under the Sport Fish Restoration program (see Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration for details). Learn more about how you can join the “I DO” campaign by visiting

Help create the next generation that cares about conservation by buying a Youth Fishing License that is valid until the holder’s 17th birthday. This is a great way to welcome a youngster to angling and help them understand the meaning of stewardship. Anytime you make a license purchase, please consider a voluntary contribution to Florida’s Youth Fishing and Hunting Programs. Every dollar is an investment in the development of tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

We sincerely thank you for taking time to read and share this guide. It contains important information about fishing regulations, interesting articles, and helpful tips to make your next fishing trip a successful one. You are fortunate to be in the “Fishing Capital of the World” and remember that the best part of fishing is not always in the fish you catch, but the unforgettable memories that are created with friends and family.

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