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Catching a trophy bass in Florida is a thrill not easily forgotten. The great thing about fishing is that whether you’re an avid fisherman or just a novice angler, you have an equal chance at reeling in the catch of a lifetime! When you do, be sure that you catch, document, and release your largemouth bass and share your data at TrophyCatch.com to receive great incentives from program partners like Bass Pro Shops! The TrophyCatch program rewards its citizen-scientist anglers for documenting and releasing their Florida largemouth bass weighing eight pounds or heavier. All that you need to participate is your fishing gear, scale and a camera to capture the required weight photo or video of the entire fish (head to tail) on a scale with the weight clearly legible.

TrophyCatch Research

TrophyCatch anglers are citizen-scientists that provide unprecedented and extremely valuable data about trophy-sized bass to the FWC. This angler-provided data has assisted with the FWC’s recent freshwater black bass regulation change and will continue to play a key role in management decisions for Florida’s fresh waterbodies. TrophyCatch citizen-scientist data also influences FWC research projects such as genetic studies on trophy bass, lake and river studies to determine the ecological health of Florida’s fresh waterbodies, research on the waterbodies where the most trophy-sized bass are caught, and a research partnership with the University of Florida to determine the proper way to hold a trophy-sized bass for minimal stress and improved recovery times, among other studies. Details can be found at bit.ly/TrophyResearch. TrophyCatch data enhances the FWC’s understanding of bass population dynamics, helps inform public policy and the development of environmental regulations, as well as fosters the public will to protect, enhance, and restore Florida’s freshwaters—so keep submitting those catches!

Stay in the Know

Want to know which lakes are hot or who holds the top spot for the biggest bag weight so far this season? Visit TrophyCatch.com to sign up for program email updates and be sure to “Like” us on Facebook.com/TrophyCatchFlorida and follow us at YouTube.com/TrophyCatchFlorida for the latest catches and information.

The TrophyCatch program would not be possible without you and TrophyCatch partners! So, please keep the following partners in mind when you need to refill your tackle box or outfit your boat or vehicle: Bass Pro Shops, Mercury Marine, Phoenix Boats, Enigma Fishing, Rapala, SpiderWire, and others. Many thanks to you and to our TrophyCatch partners for the support and investment in the conservation of Florida’s trophy bass.

Big Catch and State Records

Let the Big Catch angler recognition program help you celebrate memorable-sized catches of 33 freshwater species! Turn to Freshwater Fish of Florida to view the Big Catch species and their qualifying sizes, as well as state record catches. If you catch a possible state record, obtain an application at bit.ly/FL-RecordFish and call your nearest regional office.

TrophyCatch Season 5 Champion Dominic Montalto with a replica mount of his 16 lbs. 12 oz. bass caught in an Estero, Florida pond.