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Know Your Management Zones

With the exception of reef fish species, recreational daily bag limits usually apply to all state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic. But there are exceptions, several of which involve very important recreational species such as red drum, spotted seatrout, bay scallops and weakfish. Each of these species have management zones with specific bag limits. Know your zone boundaries by using the information and maps below.

Red Drum have three management zones. The daily bag limit is two fish in both the northeast and northwest zones, and one fish in the southern zone. Individual daily bag limits apply on the water, at all shoreline fishing locations, and in vehicle parking locations that are adjacent to shoreline fishing locations. There is also a vessel limit of 8 red drum that cannot be exceeded at any time, and an on land transportation limit of 6 red drum per person. Red drum must be between 18 and 27 inches to be harvested.

  • Northwest: Escambia through Fred Howard Park Causeway near Pasco County line
  • Northeast: Nassau through Flagler counties
  • South: Pinellas through Monroe and Miami-Dade through Volusia

Spotted Seatrout have four management zones. The daily bag limit is six fish in the northeast zone, five fish in the northwest zone and four fish in the southeast and southwest zones. The statewide slot limit is 15 to 20 inches, and you are allowed to keep one fish (included in the daily bag limit) that exceeds the slot limit. Harvest is open year round.


Bay Scallops have one harvest zone that extends from the Mexico Beach canal in Bay County to the Pasco/Hernando county line.Scallops are closed in all other state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic.Within the scallop harvest zone, the daily bag limit is two gallons whole or one pint shucked meat per person with a vessel limit of 10 gallons whole scallops or one half gallon shucked meat. Bay scallop season is open for harvest from July1 through Sept. 24.


Weakfish have two management zones in Florida. Within the Weakfish Management Area (WMA) in Nassau County the daily bag limit is one fish and the minimum size limit is 12 inches. Within the WMA, the term “weakfish” includes pure weakfish, pure sand seatrout and weakfish/sand seatrout hybrids. In all state waters outside the WMA, weakfish and sand seatrout are not specifically regulated. This means that there is no minimum size limit and the bag limit of 100 pounds per person applies.


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