Crab Trap Registration

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New Recreational Stone Crab/Blue Crab Trap Registration

The FWC recently approved new rules that will require recreational fishers age 16 and older who intend to use stone crab or blue crab traps in the next year to complete an online recreational trap registration. This no-cost registration will allow FWC to collect important information about these recreational fisheries needed for future stock assessments and management decisions.

Completion of the recreational stone crab trap registration will be required for the 2019 stone crab season, which opens Oct. 15. The recreational blue crab trap registration will be required starting Jan. 1, 2020.

To register, each recreational harvester will need to visit the FWC licensing system at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com and add the Recreational Stone Crab Trap Registration or the Recreational Blue Crab Trap Registration to their fishing license account. Recreational harvesters who are age 16 or older and are otherwise exempt from needing a saltwater fishing license will still be required to complete the no-cost online trap registration.

Upon completion, each person will receive unique trap identification numbers that must be included on each trap along with the owner’s full name and address. Stone crab trap identification numbers will begin with the letter “S”; blue crab trap registration numbers will begin with the letter “B.” This information must be legible and must be permanently attached to each trap.

When marking traps, it is important to use materials that will withstand being submerged in saltwater. For example, engraved metal or plastic pet tags and laminated cards are much better options than a piece of plastic that has been marked with permanent ink or paint.

Both the stone crab and blue crab recreational trap registrations will be made available online approximately 1-2 months before the start of the 2019 stone crab season to allow harvesters time to mark their traps with their unique trap identification numbers.