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Grand Slams & State Records

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The Florida Saltwater Grand Slam program is managed by the FWC in partnership with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). Grand Slams challenge anglers to catch three specific fish species in a single day and were created to increase the variety of species targeted by anglers. There are currently four Grand Slam challenges: Panhandle, West Coast, South Florida and East Coast. Though the names of these grand slams are in honor of the fish often caught in those regions, anglers can earn any of the four grand slams regardless of what region they are fishing in. For example, you can get a South Florida grand slam while fishing in north Florida so long as you catch a bonefish, tarpon and permit within a 24 hour period. Successful applicants receive a certificate signed by both the President of the IGFA and the Executive Director of the FWC to recognize their achievement.

Another challenge hosted by the FWC is the Florida State Records program. There are currently 76 species eligible for state records in both conventional tackle and fly fishing categories. Almaco jack and vermilion snapper were both recently added to the list of eligibility and several other species are now being considered.

In addition to the programs mentioned, there are several exciting new programs currently being developed by the FWC. The intention of the new programs is to cultivate a saltwater fishing interest in new anglers as well as expand the activities of those already “hooked” on fishing.

For more information or to apply for a state record or grand slam, contact the FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management by calling 850-487-0554, or visit our website at Click on “Fishing.” Entries are free!

Grand Slams

North Florida

red drum, cobia, spotted seatrout

East Coast

red drum, tarpon, spotted seatrout

South Florida

bonefish, tarpon, permit

West Coast

red drum, snook, tarpon

2013-2014 Grand Slam certificate recipients

East Florida Grand Slam

James A. Lawson
Darin Topping
Dale Sparling
Grady Kerr

West Florida Grand Slam

Thomas N. Boyette
Fred Corrado
Jeff Houser
Kenneth G. Williams
Karson A. Morris
Kris Kerr
Tom Wadham
David Davidson
Michael Kirk

North Florida Grand Slam

Angie Cox

South Florida Grand Slam

Cecil Hernandez
Victor Critchfield
Mark Bowden
Richard Garrison
Masaru Teramoto
Paul Kennington
Jack Siragusa
Earle Harder

State Records

Dale Jordan,
9 lb., 0 oz. Gafftopsail Catfish

Stan Foltz,
22 lb., 9 oz. Yellow Jack

Constantine Mersinas,
3 lb., 11 oz. Vermilion Snapper

Douglas Pfeffer,
23 lb., 12 oz. Yellow Jack

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