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Must remain in whole condition (removal of gills and guts allowed).

Measured as total length.Total length is the straight line distance from the most forward part of the head with the mouth closed to the farthest tip of the tail with the tail compressed or squeezed together while the fish is lying on its side.

State regulations apply in federal waters.

Additional gear rules apply. See Reef Fish Gear Rules.

THarvest prohibited by or with the use of any multiple hook in conjunction with live or dead natural bait.

Daily Recreational Bag Limit:

  • 1 per harvester or 2 per vessel per day, whichever is less


  • The retainable sharks are managed as a group for bag limit purposes. In other words, you can only harvest one shark per day and the shark that you harvest must be one of the retainable species.
  • Hook-and-line gear only.
  • See list of prohibited species.

Retainable Sharks
(With no minimum size limit)


Atlantic Sharpnose T



Blacknose T



Blacktip T



Bonnethead T



Finetooth T



Smooth Dogfish T

Retainable Sharks
(With a 54″ Fork length minimum)






Common Thresher







Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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