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Youth and Family Hunting Opportunities

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YOUTH-HUNT_opt.jpgThe FWC offers several opportunities for adults to take youths (under age 16) hunting. Many WMAs allow youths, under adult supervision, to hunt during archery, muzzleloading gun, general gun, small-game and spring turkey seasons without having quota permits. Youths also may hunt areas that require a quota permit if accompanied by a quota permit holder, who is 18 or older, provided the quota permit holder and youth share a single bag limit.

  • The FWC offers two deer hunts at Camp Blanding WMA and two deer hunts at Andrews WMA. During these hunts, permitted youths and their nonhunting supervisors are the only persons allowed on the area. About 600 youths apply every year for 160 deer quota permits.
  • Two youth waterfowl days are held after the end of the regular waterfowl season. Specific dates are set in late September by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. For more information, obtain the 2013–2014 Migratory Game Bird Regulations for Waterfowl and Coot Seasons brochure (available in mid-October) or visit Quota permits are not required for these hunts.
  • DSC_2326_opt.jpgYouth waterfowl hunts are held on the stormwater treatment areas and on the T.M. Goodwin/Broadmoor Unit.
  • Youth small-game hunts are held at Caravelle Ranch, Ross Prairie and Jennings Forest WMAs. Quota permits are not required for these hunts. Additional information is provided in the specific wildlife management area brochures.
  • Family hunts are offered at Matanzas, Allapattah Flats, Blackwater, Perdido River, Lafayette Forest, Andrews, Belmore, Cary, Devil’s Hammock, Four Creeks, Hatchet Creek, Thomas Creek Kings Road Unit, Okaloacoochee Slough, Hilochee Osprey Unit, Dinner Island Ranch, Babcock Ranch, L. Kirk Edwards East, Aucilla Pinhook Area, Chipola River Altha Track, Lower Hillsborough, Ralph E. Simmons, Apalachicola Bradwell Unit, Beaverdam Creek, Jennings Forest and Lafayette Creek WMAs. These hunts provide opportunities for permitted supervisors to hunt with up to two youths.
  • Youth spring turkey hunts are held on many wildlife management areas the weekend before the spring turkey season begins. Only those under 16 years old are allowed to harvest a turkey while supervised by an adult, 18 years or older. However, any adult supervisor who has a hunting license and the necessary permits can “call in” the turkey and otherwise participate in the hunt, but they cannot harvest one.



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