A Message to Parents

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Wyoming Department of Transportation

This is an exciting time for you and your young driver. Your teen will soon have a greater level of independence and a huge responsibility to be a safe and responsible driver throughout his/her life. The Driver Service Program for the Wyoming Department of Transportation exists to “Promote safety by educating, evaluating and lawfully licensing drivers while providing quality customer service”. This manual helps us fulfill this goal by providing you and your teen resources to develop their driving skills. The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program is set up in a logical and progressive manner from finding the location of the wipers through driving on the interstate.

Enjoy this time with your teen and remain calm as you work together to ensure your teen becomes a safe and responsible driver. Remember that a large portion of what your teen does will be modeled after your behavior, so be sure that you operate a vehicle in a safe manner and observe the rules of the road at all times. Most importantly, allow your teen plenty of time to practice. Driving in all weather conditions at different times of the day on all types of roads will ensure that your teen develops all the skills necessary to become a skilled driver.

“Providing a safe, high quality, and efficient transportation system” is the mission of the Wyoming Department of Transportation – and it starts with safe drivers. Buckle-up and enjoy the ride.

Taylor J. Rossetti

Support Services Administrator, WYDOT